The Top 10 Things High School Girls Should Know Before Going To College | Empty Whole

The main things high school girls should know before going to college | Empty Whole


The only article you need to read before going to college.

Here are 10 things + extra tips every high school girl should know before going to college:

1. Don't overestimate college but don't underestimate it. You'll have to balance your time well and you'll have to know when to say no to going out, etc.

2. You have to do well in school so that you learn, continue getting smarter, and have good grades that will help you get into the best schools. Better schools will train you better and make you more attractive to employers - at the end of the day school is to help you learn skills that you will use to make money.

3. Start building on good habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise, stay fit, dress fashionably, have good hygiene, work hard, keep improving, and above all, maintain your confidence in yourself.

4. Your friends will play a major role in shaping the person you become and college is all about shaping your future, so choose your friends wisely.

5. Don't worry so much about boys or other people in general. Don't let others occupy too much of your mind or time. Go out, do your things, choose the right relationships, but don't waste time with drama, people, and things you don't appreciate.

5. What you put into your body matters. Depending on the university you go to, yes, there will be parties, drinking, drugs, and sex. Be aware that what you put into your body matters - be sure not to over-do anything. Have fun, control yourself, and most importantly, stay safe.

6. When things go wrong, it's okay, even when it hurts. College is a time where you're still young and learning. Learn from each mistake you make but get over them and move forward as a better and smarter version of yourself each week.

7. You always have a choice, stay confident and make your own decisions - don't allow others to make YOUR decisions for YOU.

8. University is expensive. Be aware that college is not cheap and you do need to pay for it. Whether it's you or your parents who pays, college is an investment and an expensive one so make the money worth it and do well so you can afford to pay your tuition or your loan debt soon after college.

9. If you can find time for a job during college, try to work and make money because you'll need it - money will be tight in college if you don't already have a lot of it.

10. It's all about money. When you get out of college your priority will likely become getting a good job and getting paid. Of course you can do other things like further education, starting a business, etc., but eventually you're gonna need to be making money, the sooner you get going on this the better.


Main things high school girls should know before going to college blog by Empty Whole Brand


Still in High School:

  • Make sure you're getting good grades, the best grades you can. If you can maintain a high GPA it will prove that you're putting in the effort to learn and that you're able to learn. Also, if you have better grades you can apply to get into better schools and get money offered in scholarships to help make university more affordable.
  • Take AP classes in high school. If you take AP classes, do well, learn, and take the AP exam at the end, you can score well and get credits that your college should accept - this will save you time and money because you'll go into college with credits already complete (need approximately 120 credits to graduate from university).
  • Make sure you're learning about yourself. In high school a lot of new things happen, and you might go through a lot of "firsts". The best things you can do are to keep a calm attitude, make smart decisions, have fun but stay safe, and do things that are good for you like reading, exercising, trying new things, playing sports, playing instruments, eating healthy, and improving yourself daily. The more you learn to know and love yourself as you are, the better version of yourself you'll build as you continue to grow.
  • When you apply to college things you should consider are: Where do you want to go to school? Do you want to stay where you are (your city) or go to school somewhere else? What country, what state? Are you going alone or with someone you know? What do you want to study? What universities have programs that rank high in what you're interested in?
  • Apply to the universities you would go to. Focus on getting the best grades you can, write genuine essays, and complete your applications well.
  • One quick tip for people who want to go to a big university but can't afford it, is to go to community college your first year or two then transfer to university.


Going into College:

  • If you're worried about anything, don't worry. 
  • Pick the right college for you. Take visits and see how the universities you like "feel" and whether you like their campus. 
  • If you don't know what you want to study going into college, pick a variety of interesting classes and discover what you're good at and enjoy the most then select a major.
  • Just be yourself and find yourself in college. Find what you enjoy, learn as much as you can, and improve yourself everyday to set yourself up for a successful future and not an undesirable one.
  • Avoid forming bad habits before college and continue that throughout all of college.
  • One important thing to note about classes is the teacher is more important in regard to your grades than the class is. Find out if the college you're going to has a teacher rating system online and use it to make sure you aren't getting unreasonable professors.
  • Going into university, each year your there, and beyond, be sure you don't bother comparing others and yourself. Do what you do and just be your best at it, let others do what they do and don't be fooled by their antics. 


Freshman Year:

  • Alright, congratulations on getting into a university, you made it, now it's time to move on to college.
  • Enroll in the classes required for your major and/or classes you think are interesting and you want to explore.
  • Get along with your roommate(s), speak nicely but be honest with each other, work together, be clean, and have fun decorating your dorm room if you're living on-campus.
  • If you want to join the greek community your first year just be sure you stay on top of school but go ahead and go out for rush. If you want to drink and party but also meet a bunch of people who might become your friends in college and beyond, consider going greek. (if/when you rush, don't let people take advantage of you, maintain respect for yourself during the process).
  • Try to get a 4.0 your first year, you'll be taking the easiest classes of your college career - get ahead and if you're having a hard time ask classmates, teachers, your parents, or counselors for some help but for the most part you should be able to get through things on your own.
  • If you fall  behind, readjust your schedule, dedicate more time and effort to school, and keep your grades up.


Sophomore year:

  • Keep doing your thing, take what you learned freshman year and do better your second year.
  • Live somewhere cool, close to campus, and affordable. Also, make sure you start looking for apartments to live in for year 2 at the end of year 1 - living quarters may get leased quickly at your university.
  • Take interesting classes, make sure you're studying what you enjoy and what you're good at so that when you graduate you can make money doing something you enjoy.
  • Stay true to yourself, stay smart, and continue having fun.
  • If you haven't gone greek, you can consider going greek sophomore year if you're seeking a more active social life.
  • Remember to do well in school.
  • Don't take sh*t from anybody and keep control of yourself.
  • Keep in close touch with your parents and other people you want to maintain a relationship with and continue meeting new people in college.


Junior year:

  • Junior year you might be of age to go to the bar, enjoy your social life but don't forget to stay safe.
  • Start thinking about graduation in a couple of years. Year 3 you can look for an internship, apprenticeship, or something that will get you in a professional setting where you can get proper work experience. Senior year is coming up and hopefully you can identify what you're going to do to earn a living for the couple of years following college and the long-term after that.
  • Continue reading, learning, eating healthy, exercising, and doing well in school. It's a lot to balance along with a social life, just stay calm, say no when you really don't want to do something, and build toward your future.


Senior year:

  • You're a veteran in college by year 4 and should be nearing graduation.
  • Senior year have an idea of the type of companies you might want to work for or start for yourself. Don't be too intimidated but be ready for the next step. The "real world" that everyone talks about means working full time and making your own money. Identify how you're going to get money and start getting in touch with the right people so you can have things ready by the time you graduate.


After College:

  • Now it's time for you to make money, go out there and create as much value for others as you can.
  • Improve yourself daily, continue learning, identify what you want to do in your life and go do it.
  • Hopefully you enjoyed university, but move on when it's time and work to create valuable things that generate money so you can enjoy a proper and comfortable life.


The main things high school girls should know before going to college | Empty Whole


 Extra Notes:

  • Drugs, sex, alcohol, negligence, and lack of self-respect will be rampant among certain people and groups. Empty Whole does not encourage overindulgence in any of these things. We support individuals who want to be smart, sophisticated, fun, attractive, and successful rather than those unconcerned with improving themselves.
  • You will be able to make your own decisions and so you should. Do NOT let your decisions be swayed by others because there will be moments where you feel uncomfortable and pressured, be stronger than those moments, get yourself away from the situation, and take care of yourself and your friends - make good decisions for yourself and your future.
  • Go into college with the intention of getting good grades, balancing your priorities, learning about money and skills you need to make money, and make sure you do enjoy yourself.
  • Find what you love, be the best at what you love, and become your best you.


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The main things high school girls should know before going to college | Empty Whole


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