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What's the best lighting for applying makeup? Does it matter? (Yeah, kinda!)

We've got the answers for you. Get ready to start applying your makeup better than ever before.


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I don't want to waste your time - Simply put, LED lighting is the best lighting you could use to apply makeup every day because it most similarly represents natural light.

The lighting provided by bright LED light helps you avoid inconsistencies with color, blending, and aesthetics while providing an accurate view of your canvas.

Most importantly, the LED light helps you view your makeup as it will appear under most lighting environments since it mimics natural sunlight more-so than any other light.

Under yellow and other non-LED light conditions, the face is not properly illuminated and application quality is not as high as it could be - the makeup you apply could actually look different than you think it looks when you leave the room you applied it in.

That's all there is to it! LED light shines bright and accurately displays color on your face - and we're making the ultimate LED Vanity Makeup Mirror for you!

A beautifully designed LED vanity has proven to be well worth it because it drastically improves your ability to apply makeup flawlessly and consistently while making your daily makeup application more fun and glamorous than ever!

(it's no wonder makeup artists, professionals, photographers, and show-biz settings all love and use LED lighted mirrors when applying makeup- now we're taking over.)


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Your makeup should look consistent in all settings and you should be able to perfectly apply and blend your favorite colors. 

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