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We all have a life to live and a story to write.

Believe it or not you can take charge, control your life, and write your own story.

You could direct your own life and you should be the hero in your life's story.

Below we'll talk about the composition of any good story and how it relates to writing the story of your life.

If you get one thing from this entry we hope it is that you understand the power you have within yourself.

While you may not be able to control everything that happens you can control your reaction to everything that happens and we're here to help guide your growth.

The hero in every story is a strong and courageous individual who perseveres through hard times to achieve goals they have set for themselves that may have seemed impossible to others.

You are a hero and your life is the story. Choose what you want to do in life (your story) and know the work required to get there. Persevere through the obstacles set forth by the plot (life) and the villains (obstacles) and you could achieve any of your goals and dreams.

When you need us we'll be here to help you along the way.


Be the hero of your own life's story



Every great story has a hero and the hero is normally the primary character in the story.

He or she has a strong role committed to realizing a notable, predetermined goal.

You get your own life and you are your own person.

Always be committed to learning and improving and you will understand that it is in your ability to control your mind, emotions, and life’s direction.

You can’t control the world around you but you can control yourself and your disposition toward the world - make it good.

Do many things, find what you like, and choose a big dream to achieve. Once you know your target goal/life and what is required to actually achieve it, commit yourself to that goal and go on every day to work for it's achievement.

While we recommend that everyone take a kind disposition toward the world and be good and do good to others, always be focused and fierce.

The hero (you) is as strong and as able as anybody to pick a goal and a dream life and live it.

Always be bold and work hard for what you want. In anything you do you will reap rewards proportional to the effort and perseverance you put in and that is the truth.

Know, that life might not be very nice to you (we’ll talk about the villains in the story soon) and there will be many people, situations, and obstacles that will get in your way but it is your responsibility to surpass them and win.

Because life can get so tough sometimes, you may need to find those things you could do to keep you calm and poised under stress – exercise, listen to music or create your own music, read, go outside, hang out with friends, go make new friends, do whatever hobbies or things that you really enjoy doing and do these things when fighting for your goals gets hard.

Know, that who you are as a person and the values and beliefs you hold are more important than anything. Your character is part of what makes you the hero and a good writer.

Stay calm, learn always, be wise, continue improving and be always be happy/grateful because you know you can’t control what happens but you can control your reaction (which is always to get up and keep moving forward grateful for the pleasures and pains of all the twists and turns in the story).

 NOTE: This is real life, your career/job/money is important. You'll have to work hard and earn a proper living by providing real value to others. Your service to others is proportional to what you are rewarded - the better service you provide for more people, the more money you should be able to make doing it. Money is important in life, so go get that money and do good things with it (treat yourself and help others also).


But, do you get what this means? – you write your own life's story; you get to direct your own life.


That’s right. Your life is yours to guide, you get to write your life’s story, and in this story you're the hero.

You can have and do what you want and you will be who you want as long as you treat others and your surroundings well while staying focused on achieving your goal(s).

So, stay curious and continue learning about the world, yourself, and your environment. Work hard, surround yourself with good people, and shoot for the moon.

You don't want somebody else deciding who you are, live your life and decide what makes you happy for yourself.


Be the hero of your own life's story



The plot of the story is your life.

The life of the hero, can you imagine what it might be like?

What is your life like now? What do you want your life to be like? What will it take for you to get what you want? Are you willing to learn and work hard through tough sh*t?

You don’t have to save the world - but you do, at least, have to save yourself. Never settle, avoid negativity, and take care of your thoughts.

Every hero should be grateful for their parents and their upbringing (some exceptions)  but there comes a time in everyone’s life where you must understand that you have to make a living and a life for yourself.

If that time has not yet come for you, it has now. You have to be able to take care of yourself.

Know, also that you do not know what you cannot do until you have tried.

Take risks but be safe – mitigate risks and avoid taking risks that put too much at stake, but don't be afraid to try new things.

In the plot there will be many twists and turns, ups and downs. Stories consist of joy, excitement, birth, ideas, achievements, confidence, and discovery but at the same time include insecurities, tragedy, envy, ignorance, death, opponents, villains, and everything else that is a part of life trying to break your spirit.

Never let your spirit break and always have faith. The worthy hero will always rise.

You write your story by what you do. At the end of the story, it will have been good or bad according to what you wrote – what you moved yourself to do.

The hero knows to make good decisions as often as possible and understands that bad decisions are made but they are just learned from and thrown away with the past.

So make good decisions and move forward after learning from bad ones. Your decisions, actions, friends, and surroundings will guide the character of your life, but you can choose who and what to surround yourself with. Choose good things that make you feel good and avoid the opposite – avoid anything that harms you or others, and isn't enjoyable.

YOU get to choose whom you hang out with, what you do, what you don’t do, and everything else. Choose wisely – hero.

NOTE: One day, the story will end - All of our stories end. When you are alive writing your story, bear this gracefully in mind. Since you know your story will end and the day it ends is not known, be sure to spend your time doing things you love and appreciating each moment and day as if it's your last. 



Be the hero of your own life's story



Without a villain there is no struggle. The villain doesn’t have to be human. Regardless, the villain opposes the hero. And the villain is who/what we must avoid.

There are countless villains. The game of life isn’t easy. 

Villains are everywhere and are ever changing. Also, anyone/anything can become a villain. 

People or things that were promising at first can always turn to oppose you – never be surprised, prepare your ego for these unfortunate but not uncommon change of events.

Villains also include weak mental barriers that hold us back. We must learn about ourselves and build strong minds able to overcome negative emotions and barriers that our body will naturally display many times in life.

Listen to me. Sometimes your peers might not like you and it doesn't matter, keep moving forward.

Heroes have villains in the form of people in real life too, not just stories. Do not let people oppose you – they don’t matter.

Be smart, be agile, work hard, and be creative to beat anybody who stands against you.

Most of the time you can avoid people who oppose you by just ignoring them and avoiding them. Regardless, you should understand mentally that what they say is irrelevant and you should always remain confident in yourself.

So, a villain is essentially anything in your way, blocking you from moving forward toward the accomplishment of your target achievements.

Anything that is in your way, move through.

F*ck the villains -You’re the hero. Enjoy fighting through obstacles that get you to your goals and laugh as you blow past them.


Be the hero of your own life's story



Our purpose here at Empty Whole is to encourage you to find what makes you come alive and empower you to do it.

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Everything we do we do to inspire and empower the hero - you - in your story.

Empty Whole exists to make sure that you can write your best story and live your best life.

You only get one life and we want you to live happy, free, and fun. 

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  • Your life is like a story. There are villains and a plot, twists and turns, a hero with a goal, and an ending - hopefully a good one.
  • The good new is: you're the hero and you get to write your own story. Don't let others define you. You define yourself.
  • There are many villains that can be both people and things. Anything/anyone can be a villain. A villain is against you (the hero) and is there to break you down and prevent you from achieving your goals. Beat the shit out of the villains, always keep learning and moving forward.
  • The plot of the story is your life. It is what you do which fills what your life and story consist of. Identify goals and achievements that you want, how to achieve them, then commit yourself each and every day to the work required for the achievement of your goals. Live your life on your terms and with a goal - a purpose, your purpose.
  • Life gets rough. A lot of bad stuff happens. And a lot of things don’t feel good. But a lot of the time life is the most amazing thing. This is our life and our world. Find the beauty in it and when you see what's beautiful just stop and enjoy it. Find what you love and go do it.
  • Your story will end and you do not know when. So live every day doing things you love to do and enjoy doing.
  • You are a hero and you write your own life's story. Stay committed to learning and improving, identify and work toward your goals, be good to yourself and everyone, and enjoy the story you write.


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Let us know how you feel and what you plan to do to be a hero. What's your story?

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