Green Stone Choker Necklace


This is one of the most beautiful necklaces you've seen, isn't it?

Empty Whole is proud to introduce our Green Stone Choker Necklace.

This necklace features a shorter gold chain with green stones to lay beautifully on your neck for a classy & timeless look.

The perfect pair with open neck tops and a bronzing summer tan. 

You are beautiful and this necklace will help accentuate that.

Interested in seeing another color? Check out our Pink Stone Necklace and pick your favorite.

The Green Stone Necklace ships worldwide and will arrive in 10-30 days depending on your destination. Please allow 2-4 days for order processing 

We're glad to provide stunning JewelrySunglasses, and more for such great prices to customers around the world.

We invite you to browse Empty Whole and add items you like to your cart; You'll love what you get!

Look better, Feel better, Live better.

Don't miss out, checkout while the necklace is on sale.

Shop more Jewelry from Empty Whole here, and be your best you.

Enjoy your purchase and thank you for shopping with Empty Whole.

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