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Life is such a beautiful, unbelievable, but sometimes unbearable experience. The truth is it's one big test of gratitude.
Throughout our time on earth we'll each face stretches of struggle and suffering, but more times of joy, excitement, and adventure. When times of struggle arise it's completely in your control to prevail by employing positive self-talk and participating in activities that lift your mood and help yourself appreciate the beauty and blessing of being alive.
Everything in this life is earned, everything you give you'll get, nothing is free, and everything is temporary! When you need a way to elevate your energy and improve your emotions, engage in a positive activity or commitment including any of those listed below.
Here Are 55 Productive Activities and Commitments That Will Make You Feel Whole Again:

1. Work out.

Daily exercise is one of the best activities and habits you can implement into your lifestyle. As you begin to exercise and continue to, you'll notice improved health, strength, endurance, positivity, and confidence - not to mention all the benefits of an enhanced and attractive physique. Consistent exercise is sure to make you feel better about yourself, how you look, and how you feel in any situation, every day. Along with the satisfaction and health benefits that come with a healthy and active lifestyle, you'll hear from people close to you about how great you look and how much more alive and confident you seem. Boosting your physical, mental, and emotional health through exercise will enable you to enjoy your best self and be fully able to help others.

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2. Go to Work.

If you have a job, stay focused and do your best to contribute to your company and to the world through your work. When extra pay is available, don't hesitate to work more so you could earn more money, as long as it doesn't interrupt your life or time spent with loved ones. If you don't have a job, consider getting one to increase cash flow and improve your personal finances. As you earn money, be sure to save it; set aside at least 10% of each check to a savings or investment account that you preferably add to and never remove money from until you really need it. From the moment you begin your first job it's essential you become financially responsible and know when to and when not to spend your money. If life outside of work is distracting or frustrating, dive into your work to keep focused and allow you to move forward from anything else going on in your life. If it's your work that frustrates you, then your priority is to find work you'll enjoy. Money is needed and bills are inventible so do your best to earn what you can and avoid wasting it. 

3. Read.

Reading is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do and is super underrated. Reading is an integral part of a healthy, sophisticated, and complete lifestyle. You can read books, magazines, newspapers, articles, and well-published blogs that provide you value, entertainment, and education. If you don't like reading, you simply haven't read about something you enjoy, because when you read something you're interested in you'll fall in love with it. Continued learning should be a constant in the lives of anybody seeking to live their best life. You can read fiction books to enjoy adventure, exploration, new characters, and new worlds; or non-fiction to learn about people, things, places, yourself, and more.

4. Hang out with family and friends.

Hanging out with people whose company you enjoy is usually a great thing to do. Be sure to spend your time with people who lift you up and make you better while avoiding "friends" and individuals who continuously issue negativity and complaints. If you feel empty, unsatisfied, or disrespected as a result of something someone says or does to you, then you know to avoid that person or communicate with them to improve the dynamic of your relationship. The people you surround yourself with most will influence your attitude, personality, and the activities you spend your time doing, so choose who you share your time with wisely. Any relationship you invest your time and emotion into should be utilized to make each other better and lift each other up. It may be difficult but when faced with a relationship with someone who continues to disrespect you and not adjust when you make it known you need to fade away from these friends.

5. Go shopping.

Buying new clothes, home décor, beauty, and other useful products is always fun and productive. Getting something new that makes you look, feel, and live better is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. You know what it's like when you use the new goods or wear the new clothes you've gotten and your friends and others compliment you and ask when and where you got yours from. Do yourself a favor and stay within your financial means; if you can't afford something, work and wait until you can. 

6. Make something new.

While it's fun to get new things, it might be better to create new things yourself. Most of the idols and companies you look up to likely create and produce things that you and many others consume. Enjoy making something you've never made before or focus your downtime creating the things you already love to create. Draw, paint, design, compose music, sew, or build something. You may just find yourself with a new hobby or business you love. Often times discovering new hobbies to dive into will help you feel more productive and satisfied. If you're able to adapt what you make into something other people love you could create value in the marketplace and earn money doing something you truly love to do.

7. Cook a meal.

Get yourself some delectable ingredients, find the most intriguing recipes, and cook an outstanding meal for yourself, your roommates, your family, or your guests. In general, every independent person should be well versed in cooking healthy and delicious meals. You'll notice how much better the food tastes after you spend your time cooking it and you'll be more aware of the good and bad things you put inside your body. Preparing a nice meal is also a great, simple, and timeless way to impress and treat others while making good use of an extended period of time each day.

8. Watch a Ted Talk that intrigues you.

There are so many Ted Talks and other educational lectures given by very smart, curious people who share what they spent their lifetime researching and learning for us to implement the information into our own lives. Similar to reading books, you can watch Ted or other talks about anything you can imagine and find topics you'll be fascinated by. Search for lectures on topics you're interested in and enjoy browsing for more.

9. Learn a new language.

Learn a new language, any language! So often we think to ourselves or say to others that we want to learn a new language and yet we haven't. If you notice the extra time you have on your hands, invest some of it into learning a new language and soon you'll finally be able to speak French, Spanish, Italian, or any other dialect you want to learn. You can enroll in classes, watch free videos online, get a tutor, or invest in a program that will help you advance. You'll be proud of your new ability, confident in your will to learn, and can meet and communicate with people you couldn't otherwise.

10. Take a trip.

If you learn a new language, why not take a trip to the country the language is native to? Regardless, one of the best things to do is to take a trip somewhere you've been wanting to go. You can take a road trip, a train, or a plane, and you can travel somewhere nearby or far away. Trips with yourself or people you're close to usually produce some of the greatest experiences and memories you'll ever have. Stay safe, have a bit of a plan, and be sure to enjoy yourself.

11. Take a nap.

While some might argue that napping isn't a productive activity - it definitely is, as long as it's in moderation. If you feel a bit exhausted and you've got some time on your hands, take a nap! Napping - but not for too long - could improve your health, your mood, and provide you with newfound energy. Sometimes it's our diet, stress, or just exhaustion getting to you and a fresh rest could do the trick.

12. Take a bath or shower.

Any time is a good time to take a cozy shower/bath to both clean and relax yourself. Great hygiene and personal care are so important to leading a complete and healthy lifestyle. You can heat a bath, put some music on, drop a "bath bomb", and light a candle to spend time quality with yourself and invest in proper self-care. On days you feel empty and in need of recharging yourself, enjoyable self-care activities will make you feel whole again.

13. Write.

Writing is a productive and relaxing way so many people are able to express themselves, their feelings, and their thoughts. You can write on your notepad, blogs, books, short stories, poems, songs, or letters. You can get things off your chest and onto the paper in front of you, and you can decide for yourself whether to keep things private or share your writings with the world or the people they're meant for. Regardless, if you're feeling bored, creative, or have a problem to solve - grab a journal and just start writing.

14. Make a plan for your life, business, education, career, family, etc.

For any of your visions and goals to come to fruition you'll need an idea of how you're going to accomplish them - you'll need a plan. Spend some time making plans for how you want your life to go and how you see yourself living in 5 years. Lay out the work and accomplishments required to reach the heights you dream of, and begin working consistently toward that future best version of yourself. Anything important requires a bit of planning, a lot of work, and a commitment to consistency; this goes for business, careers, school, relationships, and anything worthwhile in life. If you truly invest in something every single day, that achievement will manifest itself over time.

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15. Explore Pinterest for inspiration on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for all things related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle for both women and men. You'll find pins with information that will help you look better, feel better, and live your best life - plus Empty Whole is viewed on Pinterest and shares content for millions of people all over the worldEmpty Whole has over 10 Million users engaging with our content on Pinterest every single month. If you don't know where to start, start with following us and you'll begin finding visuals and ideas that complete the vision you have of your best self. 

16. Meal prep healthy foods.

Eating healthy is essential and preparing food is time consuming, especially cooking each meal individually. To be productive when you have down time and maintain good health as a top priority, spend some time one day each week preparing the meals you can eat for the next few days. Meal prepping is such a great habit to implement into your life. You'll eat healthy, save time, save money, have food ready to go, and maintain healthy habits.

17. Take a class that interests you.

You can usually walk into any university and sit in a live class - whether you're enrolled or not. It's not something everybody does, but if you're bored or interested in a topic you don't have much exposure to, find a class you like and try to sit in on the lectures. If you aren't up for it, you can find courses and compelling information online for free or that you can actually enroll in. There's not much better than learning new things that captivate you. Even Steve Jobs did it by dropping in on a calligraphy class that inspired the implementation of various texts options in early Apple products.

18. Get a job you enjoy.

One of our main priorities as a brand empowering our customers is making sure you all work jobs you enjoy. We spend a lot of our time working, apparently about 30% of our lives are spent at work - this shows how important it is to do something you enjoy and are proud to contribute to. If you don't have a dream job of yours, do what you need to so that you can get it. Nothing is out of reach and nothing is unrealistic. If you're committed to learning and investing your time each day, you can achieve the dream job or work you've wanted and feel whole if you enjoy what you do!

19. Decorate your home.

Any day that you need some productive work to do or just want to switch things up, you should find a few ways to clean and improve the layout of your home. Re-organize your things, buy new décor, move things around, and spice up your home. Your home is where you live, sleep, eat, lounge, and host guests. If you keep your space clean and aesthetically pleasing you'll lift the mood of all who spend time in the space - especially yourself.

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20. Re-decorate your room.

Your room is your special place. It's meant to be comfortable, cozy, pleasing, and representative of you. Put up lights, spray  fragrance, light some candles, hang up signs or photos, move your dressers, or move your bed around to better enjoy your bedroom - however big or small it might be. Whatever you do, have fun decorating your room and use it as an area to express, inspire, and comfort yourself. At the end of every day and the beginning of each morning be grateful for the roof over your head and the bed you're able to lay on. Make the space yours and one you feel best able to decompress, relax, and be yourself.

21. Organize and tidy up.

Clean, sweep, mop, dust, and tidy up your home, office, car, or any place you spend your time which could be organized and cleaned. You'll always enjoy your personal space more when it's clean, smells good, and look great. Organizing will also help you grab your things seamlessly, and find things you thought you've lost. Cleanliness or lack thereof is a reflection of your character and respect for self. Be sure to care for your space and all your belongings neatly.

22. Run errands.

If you have anything you need to return, gather them together and head out to the stores or post office to exchange your goods. Any time you're bored and looking for something productive to do, look around, note what errands you need to run, and go run them. Procrastinating is never satisfactory and we almost always have some errand we need to do.

23. Visit a museum, library, park, or city near you.

Some of the best places you'll visit and create memories at are right nearby your home. Find a museum, library, park, city, or other attraction near you and explore what they have to offer. They'll surprisingly leave you relaxed and inspired. Go alone or with a friend and embrace the beauty of nature and things surrounding you. Simple activities like this are what will reinvigorate your enthusiasm and appreciation for life and are accessible daily.

24. Get your nails done and take good care of yourself.

Girls, nails with nail polish look much better than bare nails that go un-manicured. Nail polish adds some color, it adds some style, it makes your skin glow, it makes you feel brand new, and it helps you express yourself. You can even manicure your nails yourself or with friends instead of going to get them done each time. Guys, cut and straighten your nails to keep them clean and neat; sharp, long nails don't help show that you take pride in taking care of yourself.

25. Get your hair cut / styled.

Any day is a good day for a clean, new hair cut. Whether you need to cut or freshen your hair, or you want to try a whole new look, treat yourself and get your hair done. We'll always encourage you to show that you're well put together and invest in self-care. Your appearance matters to others and to yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better you'll feel and the better the people around you will feel about both you and themselves. If there's a new hairstyle you want to try, go ahead and try it. Nonetheless, a trip to the barbershop or salon will help lift your mood.

26. Watch a documentary.

Well put together documentaries are always enjoyable and since there are so many to choose from, you're sure to find ones that interest you. You can enjoy films about food, dieting, exercise, history, science, fashion, art, computers, photography, travel, culture, sports, and so much more.

27. Bake a cake, cupcakes, or cookies and decorate them.

If you're bored, with friends, or just looking for something to do, try your hand at baking. There's so many foods and desserts you can try to create and decorating them with frosting and sprinkles adds to the fun. When you're all done baking and decorating your food, you'll have a delicious meal or dessert to enjoy. Go crazy and pour yourself a drink while you're at it. Cheers.

28. Organize and refresh your wardrobe - donate clothes, organize clothes, and make room for your new clothes.

Clean out your closet, remove clothes you no longer wear, and make room for the new clothes you'll be getting soon. If you have old clothes that don't fit or you don't think you'll wear again, hand them down or donate them to the less fortunate who could make use of them. You could also have some fun customizing your clothes by cutting, dyeing, or drawing on them. Finally, look into selling your valuable clothes and consider using that money for your new wardrobe or other expenses.

29. Go through all your old photos and videos.

It's always cool going through your phone or computer and seeing your old photos and videos. You could see how you used to be, the people who used to be in your life, and you can better understand what you want out of your future. It's also useful deleting the content you no longer want from people or places you've moved on from. You can print some of the photos and make a collage or hang them up around your bedroom or home. If you're making a gift for someone close to you, you can even include some old photos you think they'd love to see again.

30. Call your parents.

Life is short and many of us have had parents or other role models who helped raise and uplift us as we've grown; if those people you look up to are still around, give them a call or spend some time with them while you still can. As many people near the end of their lives they commonly say that their joy and treasure lies in the people they love. Whoever you love, remind them that you love them. If your relationship with parents or friends took a wrong turn, try your hand at resolving the problems to appreciate each other again.

31. Try a new hairdo.

We talked about getting a fresh new hair cut or styling from a professional, but you can also find new hair style or color you want to try and go get it done. You can always go back to your original hair color or grow your hair back if you cut it in a new, risky style. A lot of the time a new hairdo you like will give your appearance and confidence the unexpected boost you're looking for. At the very least you'll look and feel a little different for a period of time or can finally see how you'd look with a certain style you've liked.

32. Declutter your email.

When you have some time on your hands, whether you're at home, work, or school, you can go through your mail and email addresses to keep them up to date and free from junk. Delete unnecessary emails in your inbox, move messages to their respective folders, and empty your trash. This will help you stay more organized and efficient while giving you something productive to do when you need it.

33. Clean your rooms - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

We're adamant that your cleanliness or lack thereof are a tell all sign of your behavior and the way you conduct yourself. Keep your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces clean at all times. Of course, things constantly get dirty so you'll have to keep up with cleaning but you'll come to enjoy and appreciate your environment much more when you take good care of it, as will your friends and guests. If you're at work or live with roommates or a family who isn't very clean, take pride in being the one to refresh the environment for everyone. At this point we've mentioned a number of areas you can clean and explained the value of doing so.

34. Clean your belongings.

Clean your shoes, hair brushes, makeup brushes, clothing, and other valuable belongings. Just like with cleaning your home, cleaning your belongings will encourage you to appreciate and enjoy the things you have while making them last much longer and appear much nicer. If you have white shoes that aren't so white anymore, or tools you've been using for a long time, take your things out and scrub them down!

35. Make a to-do list with only your top 3 priorities and complete it.

Some days we feel like we have so much to do with no time to get it all done, and other days we feel like we have nothing to do and we're 'dying' to keep ourselves busy. We encourage you to make a to-do list only listing your top 1-3 priorities and stopping there. When you fill out a list with all the things you need to do you'll have too many options and not get them done. If you can identify the single most important thing you need done and not focus on much more, you'll actually complete the important task that you've needed to accomplish and continue forward from there.

36. Go play with your baby family members.

Babies make almost everybody smile. They're so adorable and loving that we can't help but try to make them laugh and enjoy when they do. Babies can be a whole lot of fun, so if you have a baby brother or sister or a baby cousin, pay them a visit and enjoy making them happy. Cherish all the young people in your life and take good care of them. As an adult it's your responsibility to protect and care for the young ones in your lives and help them have the best childhoods and outstanding role models to look up to. The young are vulnerable and will also not be young for very long. Do your part in enjoying them, appreciating them, and caring for them.

37. Go tanning.

Tans almost always look good. If you have some time on your hands and the sun is out, put on a bit of sunscreen to protect your skin and lay out to get some flattering color and vitamin D. You're skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your smile will brighten, and you'll look and feel healthy! We prefer natural sunlight to any other form of artificially tanning the skin - in case you didn't know many humans are deficient in vitamin D and the sun is one of the greatest natural sources we can gather the vitamin from.

38. Go walking or running.

Going for a walk or run is one of the most productive and beneficial things you can do. Not only will you keep your mind and body healthy but you'll have the focus and peace to think through any problems you may be having and find the most optimal solutions. You'd be surprised how much better a walk outside could make you feel and how much you can learn about yourself while exercising. Regardless of whether you're sick or healthy, exercise will improve your cardiovascular health, brain health, blood flow, and your mood.

39. Get a massage.

A nice massage always feels so good and relaxing and it's something you never want to end. Get away and treat yourself to a massage from a professional or from someone you know who's willing to give you one. A massage will encourage an increase in healthy blood flow, relieve tension, treat inflammation, and help repair your muscles, while making you feel amazing, calm, and refreshed.

40. Light a candle.

Whatever you're doing - lighting a candle will always make it better. Well-made candles will help you calm down, set the mood, wake up peacefully, fall asleep gently, make you feel better when sick, relax you when you need relaxing, and make any space you're in smell delicious, delectable, and unforgettable. Depending on the scent you're burning, your candle can help transport you to another place or time while making you and your guests feel comfortable and at home. High quality candles are nostalgic, timeless, and essential!

41. Make a new music playlist.

The music you listen to will influence your mind and actions while telling others a lot about who you are. Whatever you're doing, you can make a new music playlist to match your mood and inspire yourself and anyone else that might listen. You can also delve into new genres, artists, or variations of music you have yet to explore before.

42. Do yoga.

The benefits of yoga and exercise cannot be overlooked. To help yourself feel whole and at peace we encourage you to participate in yoga exercises, whether in class or by yourself. It's essential to look after your mind, body, and spirit, and activities such as yoga are beneficial to them all. We'll always encourage a holistic approach to health and life to ensure the calibration of your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

43. Organize your kitchen and put away things you don't use to better utilize storage space.

While we already know a clean kitchen is better than one which remains messy, it's also always nice to organize your kitchen and put things away that have been sitting out. If you go through all your goods you can dispose of whatever may be expired and better utilize the storage space you make available. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen for many people around the world - just like your bedroom and other areas of the house a tidy kitchen will be pleasing and efficient.

44. Do the laundry.

Stay on top of your chores and get your laundry done, especially when you have nothing else to do. Take pride in taking great care of yourself!


45. Go on a date.

Anytime you're feeling confident and romantic, or when you want a little bit of excitement, call your partner or contact someone you're interested in and go on a cool, enjoyable date / night out.

46. Introduce yourself to someone new.

One of the great things we get to do in life is meet and experience new people. So often people are shy or afraid of getting rejected that we avoid meeting new people, even when there's someone intriguing for us to meet. Some of the best relationships and friendships formed as a result of one person being confident and social enough to introduce themselves to another. If you want to go on a date, make a new friend, have a new conversation, or simply enjoy a new person / experience, introduce yourself to someone new and get to know more about them. If the person you try talking to doesn't pay you much attention, disregard them and move on - who cares. Finally, if someone kind and confident tries talking to you, be excited and respectful enough to respond and get to know them while sharing a bit about yourself. Stay safe, but enjoy yourself and meet new people.

47. Go through your skincare routine or make a new one.

If you've noticed, there's been a strong theme here - taking great care of yourself! One of the ways men and women throughout all time have invested in their health and appearance is in taking care of their skin. If you have a current skincare routine that works well in keeping your face and body clear and healthy then of course continue with what works. If you don't take great care of your skin, identify the products and habits that might help and try employing those each day for great results. If you just wash your face with water and it keeps your face clear, keep doing that! Regardless, enjoy taking care of your skin with water, lotions, serums, spf protectant, and whatever else helps you glow. Continue with what works and change your routine if you're results are less than desired.

48. Learn about growing a new business and try to make a business plan.

If you have an idea, have time on your hands, have money to invest, or have the ambition to succeed in a new venture, consider creating a business plan and launching a new company. Understand that in building your own business you will face new challenges, frustrations, and be required to invest much of your time and energy in order to succeed. If you're willing and able to learn and you're eager to introduce new products or services to the marketplace, building a business can become one of the most lucrative and fulfilling things you can do. Gather some of your intelligent peers, hold discussions about creating a company, and if you truly feel like you're in a position to take the risk, launch your company and work hard each day to deliver the value that improves the lives of others.

49. Surprise someone - show up, buy a gift, make a gift, do something they want you to do, do something you've never done for someone else.

Every day is a great day to do something cool for someone you love. People love feeling love and it feels good giving it, so a fruitful way to spend your day is to surprise someone close to you with something they would appreciate and aren't expecting. You can do simple things like buy them a gift or set up a picnic, but show some of your love to someone you appreciate and you'll feel just as good as they do.

50. Call or text your friends.

Life is so fleeting and anything can happen at any time. People suddenly lose friends and family members, and we know nothing lasts forever. When you think of someone during the day, give them a call or shoot them a text and just say hello. If you have old friends from school, teams, or other activities that you haven't spoken with in a long time, give them a call.

51. Delete things on your phone and computer that you don't need.

Take some time to clear out your photo albums, apps, messages, and other unnecessary and excessive things on your device. Save storage, stay organized, and get rid of what you no longer need. If you spend too much time on certain apps or social media, take a day or two at a time off of them and you may realize that you don't really need them at all.

52. Update your resumé and apply for jobs you would want but don't think you could get - you just might get one.

Keep a well-written and up-to-date resumé listing your accomplishments and activities. When the time comes send your file out for jobs that you would actually love to get. Never settle, continue applying for new jobs, leverage your position / experience, and remain open to new opportunities that excite you.

53. Design something new - product, clothing, shoes, jewelry, decor, etc.

Designing, drawing, painting, writing, and creating any other form of art are some of the best hobbies you could pursue. As you continue creating you're skills will improve and so will your appreciation for the things that inspire you and the things you create. Each individual is independent and unique so your work will be representative of your interests, imagination, and creativity. Enjoy expressing yourself through art and before you know it you might even have others appreciating your work and asking you to create art for them! Many ordinary people may not consider themselves artists or know where to start when making "art" - art is self-expression substantiated by simply taking tools and creating what you imagine or feel.

54. Take on a new project.

Whether you have things you want to work on or you need to search for a project to begin, taking on a new project will make you feel productive, accomplished, and satisfied. You can fix something, build something new, develop new artwork, touch-up old artwork, do construction around the house, and much more. There's so much to do, just pick something that excites you, something you need to do, or a job someone you know needs help with, make a simple plan of action, and just get started.

55. Go play sports - volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, or others.

Finally, another fantastic activity to take part in, sports! Find some friends, go to the local field, head to a basketball court, tennis court, or golf course and enjoy playing a game you love or a new game you've been yearning to try. You can play alone and practice to continue getting better or you can participate in team sports and play to win. Everyone can find a sport that they'll find themselves loving and able to play for hours on end. If you can't play, you can find another sport which you can, or you enjoy watching people who are good at what they do. If you prefer avoid physical games or happen to be limited, try your hand at games like chess, debate, or other intellectual yet competitive activities.

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Bonus: Pray.

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