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How to look and feel your best Blog by Empty Whole


Simple (But Not Easy) Tips To Look And Feel Your Best:

1. Eat Healthy

2. Exercise properly and consistently

3. Take care of your mind

4. Avoid and reject negativity

5. Be optimistic by default

6. Dress fashionably - find your most flattering style

7. Add Jewelry to your outfits

8. Apply your makeup well

9. Be confident

10. Don't worry about or compare yourself to others

Bonus: Wear a good-smelling perfume.


How to look and feel your best Blog by Empty Whole


That's all. In this article we wanted to provide a very brief list that will help you look and feel your best - if you can follow the tips.

Thank you for reading, save the article or write it down to hold yourself accountable. If you can handle these tasks, we're sure you'll grow to enjoy your life more.

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You only get one life, love it.


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