10 Ways To Become the Best Version Of Yourself | Your Best You by Empty Whole

 "Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all, heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built."

10 Ways To Become the Best Version Of Yourself | How To Be Your Best You by Empty Whole 

Hello, here at Empty Whole we pride ourselves on being committed to helping people realize their full potential to look, feel, and live their best.

We're glad to be able to inspire and enrich your lives.


One day, you'll leave this world behind. It is therefore your responsibility to live a good life, the type of life you would dream for yourself. It won't be easy, but it's yours if you earn it.

Imagine what your best life could be like?

Be yourself, have courage, have confidence, take calculated risks, improve yourself daily, know what you're after, and go get it.

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10 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself and Be Your Best You: 

1. Be Confident


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


Rule number 1: be you, do you.

Some people are confident, and some can't seem figure out how to feel good about themselves. Regardless, we can work together to make you more confident and resilient.

Smile, stand tall, be aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your emotions, don't compare yourself to others, do things with a purpose, and you will feel confident.

Your confidence comes from within you and over time will be expressed outward and your happy, selflessly confident aura will be felt and loved by the people around you.

Become self-aware and strengthen your self-awareness. Know what makes you feel good and what doesn't, then make the habits of doing what makes you better and avoiding what makes you worse.

To be confident means that you're aware of your emotions and your ability to choose to be confident - and can recognize what makes you feel that way.

It is in your control to feel confident and fierce rather than insecure and worrisome. Now that you understand this you can learn to control your confidence and emotions by paying attention to them.

Simply learn to say good things when you talk to yourself and reject the negative thoughts and things you don't like.

If you have a hard time feeling confident it will require practice and growth but in time you will learn to feel good and stay true to yourself.

Tips for becoming more confident include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular exercise (good health, look/feel fit)

  • Eating a healthy diet and avoiding unhealthy foods/drinks

  • Positive thinking and affirmations (thinking/speaking nicely to yourself, compliment yourself)

  • Dressing fashionably (you'll look and feel better + people will notice)

  • Learn, learn, learn. Always keep learning and improving. (read blogs and books to learn more)

  • Don't compare yourself to others (do NOT waste your limited time in life worrying about anybody or comparing yourself to them,  just work to be your best you and do what you enjoy).

  • Constantly tell yourself that you already are who you want to be, that you have what you desire, and with time, practice, and persistence you will see these things materialize. (without effort and persistence you will not grow to your full potential.)


Working on your confidence and belief in yourself will materialize into a fully confident personality.

When you become confident and truly believe in yourself and your direction - so much in your life will change: you'll feel good almost daily, people will enjoy and feed off your energy, and you'll almost always be able to keep yourself calm and peaceful through tough times.

A confident personality will help you look better, feel better, do more, believe in the decisions you make and your power to make them, and compound to help you enjoy more of life - every day.

If you are already confident in yourself, that's great. Focus on building others up, doing the things you love, and enjoying your life.

If you lack confidence you can most definitely learn from and improve yourself with these tips.

To become completely confident in yourself may take some time, learning, and practice but it will be well worth the return on your effort and is essential to becoming a happy and successful person.

We promise that you can do anything, become anything you can imagine, and love yourself everyday if you focus on treating yourself well and ignoring people who treat you badly.

Anybody who is 'successful' had to start here - they had to believe that they could do what they want, they had to begin with the self-confidence and courage.

Believe that you are confident, and you will soon be confident. And when YOU are feeling yourself every day... the world better watch out.

Remember, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be brave.

Choose to feel confident!


2. Think Positively


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


- PSA: if you only get one thing from reading this, let it be your understanding that whatever you think and fill your mind with most is what you will become.

The power of the mind is not a joke!

You are what you think and your future will become what you think to yourself most consistently.

We all think but we all think differently - the difference is some think negatively about themselves and others think positively about themselves.

If you think negatively you will be negative and not reach your full potential in life.

The last thing you want to be doing is negatively comparing yourself to people and habitually finding faults with others and yourself.

Don't do all that. Always be positive and look for the positives, that way you will be surrounded by positivity and peace.

If you think positively and optimistically you will naturally become the best version of yourself and be your best you.

We'd like to share some short poems to help you understand the power of your mind and the importance of how you think so you can use what you have to your advantage:


1. "You will be what you 'will' to be."


2. "Be not impatient in delays,

But wait as one who understands.

When spirit rises and commands,

The gods are ready to obey.


3. Mind is the master power that molds and makes,

And she is mind and evermore she takes,

The tool of thought and shaping what she wills,

Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: -

She thinks in secret and it comes to pass,

Environment is but her looking glass."


The things you say to yourself matter.

What you think and how you think about yourself will result in you becoming that. So use your mind and thoughts positively.

If you speak poorly to yourself, tell yourself you're ugly, that there are things you can't accomplish, and other negatives, then you will remain that way and live an unhappy, unfulfilled, ugly life. 

You get one life! Why would you want to live unhappily or with constant anxiety and insecurity.

Do you?

No, you probably don't - it doesn't feel as good as being happy and confident and calm.

Thankfully it's in your control - that's the main point.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to view the recommend books list that our team at Empty Whole curates for you. The list includes books such as:

  • What to Say When you Talk to Yourself

  • The Strangest Secret

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

  • And more..

Go through the list and find a book that will help you improve at whatever you need to improve.

Remember to harness the power of your mind, reject negative thoughts, passionately think positively, and in time you will love yourself, live fully optimistic, and see your dreams come true.


3. Believe Strongly in Yourself and Never Give Up


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


No matter how hard things get in life (and it will get hard (smh)), keep pushing forward and persevering.

You will reach the light at the end of the tunnel or die trying.

You are your own hero, you are your own competition, you know what you want, you know what is required to earn it, and I know you are capable of achieving whatever you put your efforts toward.


"The human will, that force unseen,

The offspring of a deathless soul,

Can hew the way to any goal,

Though walls of granite intervene."


This is your chance to get what you want. Will you take advantage of your life and enjoy working toward what you want or waste it and let your life be directed by others?

Remember to find what you enjoy and work hard to be the best at it. Never let anybody deter you, be confident, think positively, work hard, never give up, and reach for the moon.


4. Dress Fashionably and Express Yourself


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


For so many reasons you should enjoy dressing fabulously!

Spend the extra time to look good every day and you will feel better. The point is to wake up, go about your routine, and love yourself every day.

Life is short and eventually for each of us it will end. Don't be shy, don't hold back, don't copy others. Be you, find the types fo styles you love, and look your best, every day.

Use your wardrobe as a persona of its own, craft it the way you like and show it off to the world.

You are beautiful and dressing fashionably will help you feel it!

If you dress well or recently began to, you can attest to the difference in your life that being fashionable provides.

More compliments, more attraction, more confidence in yourself, and a good impression on others, are all benefits of dressing well.

Empty Whole is proud to offer stunning products to customers all around the world. All the work we do here makes the world better and helps our customers become the best version of themselves.

Click to shop our current selections and enjoy browsing Empty Whole - we're getting better every day and look forward to being here for you for many years to come.

 Remember, live your life, dress fashionably, and love the way you look.


5. Commit to Learning and Reading


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


Knowledge is power.

We encourage everyone to make reading a habit and invite you to start here if you need a place to begin searching for books.

The team at Empty Whole is aware of the importance of learning and reading and encourages constant learning to everyone.

For some reason there are too many people who don't like to read, but there is so much entertainment and knowledge in books that we should all be enjoying.

Many people can attest that reading the right books can literally change your mind and change your life - which is what we want to happen and why we suggest you read!

With the books recommended by the team at Empty Whole you will learn about things you didn't even know existed which will grant you the wisdom and power to take control of your attitude, your mind, and your life, plus so much more.

We guarantee that reading the right books will make your life better and allow you to harness intelligence and an imagination you never knew you had.

With books you can learn anything and everything.

Stay committed to learning and reading and you will become a better, happier version of yourself. (if you don't think so, you probably haven't read the right book for you).


6. Eat Healthy Foods Daily and Limit Sugary, Processed, Unhealthy foods


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


Commit to a healthier diet! For yourself, for your loved ones, and so you could live a long life with which you could accomplish all the things you dream of.

Healthy eating is so important for many reasons and it's not even all that challenging. Just start by understanding what's in the food you eat and whether it's good or bad for you.

If you truly want to be the best version of yourself, you'll start habitually avoiding unhealthy foods simply because you know it's bad for your body, mind, health, longevity, function, appearance, skin, and more. Soon you should be craving unhealthy foods that often and you'll start to feel better.

Benefits of healthy eating:

  • A fit body!!

  • Glowing, more flawless skin

  • More energy and less fatigue

  • Less risk for illness and diseases related to poor health (of which there are many)

  • A mind that will function better every day

  • You will feel much better day in and day out

  • Increased productivity and focus


Food and drinks that are bad for us may taste good but do us harm AND don't help us.

When you eat healthy foods not only do you avoid harming your body and mind, your healthy habits will strengthen your body and mind.

Once you understand  the affects are of the food you eat,  start to reject unhealthy foods (now it isn't about taste, it's about function) and gladly consume healthier foods and drinks.

 Always remember that is in your favor to maintain a healthy diet your entire life. Enjoy eating, feeling, and looking healthy


7. Commit to Consistent Exercise to Be Fit, Be Healthy, and Look Your Best


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


Along with a healthy diet make sure you get in enough physical activity.

Get into a workout regime, go for a run, ride a bike, or play an active sport and your body will thank you later.

Exercise essentially goes hand in hand with healthy eating as two habits that will compound to help you live and feel better all the time.

To be the best version of yourself a healthy diet and consistent exercise are key.

If you don't want to be the best version of yourself then ignore this information, eat unhealthy foods, and don't workout - but you likely won't be feel that good about yourself.

You don't have to be a daily gym goer either. Just make sure you learn how to workout properly and make your time exercising fully effective. 

 Make exercise a part of your lifestyle along with healthy eating and you already know you’ll look and feel good, do your best because you’ll enjoy how you feel.


8. Don’t Worry About Other People’s Bullsh*t, Focus On What You Enjoy




At the end of the day stick to what you're true to and do not waiver.

So often in life - pretty much daily - everyone will want to share their opinions with you, they will try to direct your life, they will try to judge and look down upon you, they'll criticize your decisions and they'll annoy the sh*t out of you.

At the end of the day you're responsibility is to listen to yourself and trust your intuition.

Learn to ignore the negative comments and opinions of others, building up positivity in your own mind, and always staying focused on living how you want to.

While it's important to listen to others, since they might show you things you might not see, the point is not to allow them to bring you down when you're doing what you know in your heart is right.

To be your best you, trust yourself, reject opinions that don't help make you better, and continue to improve yourself daily.


9. Work Hard and Make Your Own Money Doing Something You Enjoy 


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


Money is a factor in our world, whether you like it or not. So bust your ass and work hard.

Our advice is to find what you love and do it to be the best.

Life is too short to spend it doing things you don't enjoy or don't want to do.

Try new things often and find what you enjoy doing, When you find what you enjoy commit to working at it every day and being the best and make your money doing that.

Constantly learn, work hard, save money, and invest your money. Take money seriously if you don't want to be poor.

Focus on providing value for others and work hard and you will be successful.

Do not be afraid to go for what you want.

Understand this: you live this life once - you can live it worrying or happily, you can work a job you hate or one you like, you can fight through obstacles to achieve your dreams or you can stay complacent and frustrated somewhere you don't want to be. 

What do you think Empty Whole would suggest?

Haha, that's right! Make smart decisions and go fight every day for what you want.

"Wait, what if I don't know what I want?"

Easy, if you don't know what you want start here: eat healthy, commit to reading/learning/studying, exercise regularly, and try a lot of things.

When you try a bunch of new things you will enjoy some and not enjoy others.

Take note of what you enjoy doing, keep doing what you enjoy, then of those things decide what you are good at and want to work every day.

That brings us to the next point which still requires it's own discussion.


10. Make Good Decisions and Try New Things


10 Ways to Become the Best Version Of Yourself And Be Your Best You


You get one life to live. Experience things! Don't pass on adventures you might regret later on, you may never get the chance again!

Life is nothing but a compilation of our experiences. Everything that you remember about your past involves individual or a combination of experiences - you went somewhere/did something/met someone - and the same for your future. 

Trying new things is important because these things you try will become the sum of your life. You will learn what you enjoy and what you don't, you will meet new friends, and you will have new fun. 

When we talk about doing new things we also have to talk about being smart and making good, safe decisions.

Recently someone in the city that I live in was out with a bunch of friends, alcohol may have been a factor, but they thought it would be interesting to challenge an oncoming train and run past the tracks before the train passes them.

Tragically, one of the individuals tripped, was hit by the train, and passed away as a result - he was just 22.

Now I know we all won't jump in front of oncoming trains and traffic - none of you should - but understand your decisions will have consequences.

Make smart decisions, not poor ones, and do things with a clear, beneficial purpose.



  • Smile, be happy, spread love, don't worry about others, reject negativity, and just focus on doing you.

  • Get in shape with consistent exercise and maintaining a healthy, delicious diet every day.

  • Work hard and keep learning. Reading books will help you a lot! You'll learn so much about your mind, yourself, the world around you, and anything else you want to learn about. Books contain so much knowledge and information from some of the most intelligent people throughout all of time. Just Imagine.

  • Try new things, make smart decisions, be good to others, pay attention to what you enjoy doing, and above all else, enjoy your life!

  • Finally, stay in touch with Empty Whole. We exist for the purpose of providing you the products and knowledge you need to live your best life and enjoy it to the best of your ability. We're only getting better every day and plan on being around for a long time.


 10 Ways to Become the Best Version of Yourself Empty Whole Luxury

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