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Everyone deals with the circumstances and stresses that exist in real life, here's how to feel happy, healthy, and whole in the midst of it all.

How to feel whole again - Empty Whole

Don't trip!

When you're going through hard times in life it's your responsibility to get yourself through them. When it continues to feel like you can't overcome the adversity, you've got to do something different. If you keep doing the same things you'll continue getting what you've always gotten - if you continue evolving and doing better, you'll continue getting better. 

There are many days where you may lose your confidence, sense of self, your drive to be productive, or your love and enthusiasm for life and others. The key to thriving during these times lies in understanding the way of the world and it's ever-changing nature.

Participating in productive activities, evoking positive thoughts and emotions, and investing in yourself by reading self-improvement articles like this are what will enable your best you.

The bad days.

A fact of life is that you'll have bad days.

You'll continue to be tested, things will change, you will experience loss, you will make mistakes, and you will feel pain. Some days you'll feel frustrated, sick, ignored, hurt, or just in a bad mood. 

On these days you'll be prepared because you're aware that bad days exist. Bad days are not attributable to a lack of character or a fault of your own, bad days are a natural part of a long life and can be turned around with positive thought and productive action.

Not every day will be a good day in terms of what happens to you but every day can be a good day in terms of your approach and your appreciating it. 

Because you understand how short and fragile life is, you'll learn to take no days for granted. Once you value life, you'll also come to realize how draining it is to dwell on personal insecurities or events of the past and begin to unlock your highest potential.


Take responsibility for the energy you spread within yourself and toward others and keep it positive, grateful, and enthusiastic.Your energy is your greatest currency.

Within you lives the ability to keep a high, positive energy and lift up that of those around you.

It's important to take yourself out of your body and examine yourself. Try to become an observer of your circumstances and approach them how a human in those circumstances should in order to overcome them and achieve what they wish.

Having deliberate thoughts and taking deliberate actions are what provide the desired outcome in your life.

At the core of any person's success lies discipline, direction, hard work, perseverance, right-thought, and confidence. 

If you realized how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought

If a person is right his/her world will be right.

Pay attention to yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. Pay attention to what makes you feel unhappy and learn to avoid those things. Pay attention to what makes you feel whole and double down on those.

When you don't feel like yourself, acknowledge it and move swiftly to an activity that brings you peace and joy. When you observe yourself entertaining negative thoughts, emotions, or actions move directly into positive self-talk and actions that you know will make you a better you. Identify what positive things work for you and recognize what makes you feel good, then do those things.

When circumstances are bringing you down, use the positives you've identified and participate in them daily.

For some its sports, listening to music, making music, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, driving, reading, stretching, exercising, walking, running, swimming, yoga, or talking to their closest family / friends - whatever your things are, identify them and make sure they're productive activities you can participate in each day.

As you participate in positive activities daily, you'll improve your mood, reap the benefits of your participation, and seize each day. As you learn more about yourself you'll put yourself in the best position to succeed.

How to feel whole again - Empty Whole

The good days.

While some days you may feel lost and empty, other days you'll feel unstoppable, confident, beautiful, happy, healthy, and whole

Once you acknowledge that this see-saw is simply the nature of life you'll maintain the ability to grow from the hard days and take full advantage of the good ones. 

To have the ability to balance yourself through this fickle journey of life and seize each day, you have to recognize it's nature and your own.

Don't be reactionary to the things that happen around you. Be an observer and student, know what you want, and be strategic in how you approach things. Be present but able to think ahead.

The fact is everybody is whole and complete within themselves. Even if you've lost something or someone, you haven't lost the ability to feel peace and pride in who you are or the things and people that you stand for.

Everything you need resides inside of you.

When you can fiercely push forward from the things that have caused you the most stress and difficulty, your life ends up better! The hard part for many people is firstly acknowledging what makes them better and then stopping the poor habits that make them worse.

When things get tough, stay focused and push harder. It makes no sense to give up, it only makes sense to push back and push harder to fight through adversity and win.

While some people do try to get through doors, others are breaking doors down.

One of our biggest shortcomings is getting caught in the moment when we shouldn't and not being present in the moment when we should. When life isn't easy, see the light at the end of the tunnel and do what you've gotta do to get there.

When life is going well, soak it all in, and stick to the work that got you there because that's how you'll keep it going and subsequently become the best version of yourself.

Each and every day is a blessing and must be treated that way. 

Focus on what you enjoy, avoid what's made you feel empty, and learn to live each day as if it's your last - because one day it will be. 

Don't let time pass you by!

Every day you wake up, enjoy it. Take a deep breathe and enjoy it. Eat healthy foods and enjoy it. Work out every day and enjoy it. Work hard every day and enjoy it. Continue getting better every day and enjoy it!

How to feel whole

Engage with successful people. 

You've got to be friends with smart, positive, and successful people. Humans are a product of their environment and gain the qualities (good or bad) similar to the people closest to them.

When you notice inherently negative and pessimistic people, you must distance yourself. When you notice positive, supportive people nurture your relationships with them and spend time with those people who you wish to be like and those who make you better.

Unsuccessful, lazy people just wander around in circles - you want to be directed and around people who know what they're doing and where they're going.

How to feel whole again

Don't do nothing.

If you find yourself needing something or feeling an itch of incompleteness, know that this is caused by untrue thought. It's within your power to feel whole again with positive thoughts, activities, and introspection - balance. If you feel empty, incomplete, and unsatisfied, it's not beneficial to sit idly for too long.

One of the worst things you can do is to do nothing. You must spend uplifting time alone with yourself every day, and you must not be lazy and sedentary or you'll continue to feel unsatisfied.

Don't sit on your ass - get up, stay focused, work hard, and get things done!  Be hungry and be productive and you'll keep getting better.

When you're not getting better, you're getting worse.

Don't be busy - be productive.

You are your greatest motivator. You are your greatest teacher and mentor. You are your own coach. You are elite.

There's a big difference between staying busy and being productive. When you listen carefully there's a voice in your head telling you all the good things you need to hear.

This is the right voice.

Within each of us is a divine source of direction. Truly, you have the answers you need within yourself.

When there's a voice telling to get up, that's you. When there's a voice telling you to work out, that's you. When there's a voice telling you to avoid a bad habit and instead work on a good one, that voice is you!

We all have a similar challenge but only the strong succeed - when you hear a negative voice, shut it down, it's not you - when you hear a positive voice, listen! 

Each of us has our own path in life and only we know and understand that path. Know what you want to contribute and achieve, and be productive in doing the things you must do day in and day out. Take joy in all of your accomplishments, and continue to produce - one day you'll end up where you wished you would and you'll thank your hard work and good character for getting you there.

Be yourself and believe in yourself.

Don't spend time dwelling on what other people say. The golden rule of life is to be who you are, avoid comparing yourself to others, and believe 100% in you.

Empty Whole

Be patient.

You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You're not stuck, and you have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn new things. And you can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide to attack each day and continue pushing forward. Be patient, appreciate life, and embrace the sunshine. 

Love yourself.

Your acceptance of all the pieces of yourself is what makes you whole.  

You know yourself more fully, see the big picture, and put things into perspective. You free up energy that was spent holding down unpleasant thoughts or feelings. You tune into your body, your mind, your soul, and your heart. You're less fixed in negative views and have the ability to step away from yourself to take inventory of the truths and improve yourself. You recognize the good in and around you and embrace them each day. You feel more supported, more protected, and more at home within yourself. You take things less personally and you embrace all that you are, all that you have, all that you lack, and all that you're working to gain. You accept your mortality and because of this you live your life to the fullest!

Empty Whole - How to Feel Healthy Happy and Whole

Examine what you feel.

Pause. The power of silence and taking the time to connect with yourself is very important. Enjoy breathing in and breathing out. Go outside and enjoy the fresh, revitalizing air. Recognize that you have everything you could possibly need right now, let go of everything for a moment, slow down, and just enjoy each minute. 

Be grateful. Gratitude brings us powerfully into the present. Be grateful not only for your ability to choose, but for the things you've had in your life, the things you have now, and the things to come. Appreciate yourself, appreciate each day, and be grateful for having life.

Choose to feel wholeJust knowing that you can choose this at any moment is powerful wisdom and becomes one of your greatest tools. Remember that at any moment you can choose to feel happy and whole, no matter what is or isn't in your life. You need nothing to feel whole - you are.

There are times when all seems well and there are times when things are falling apart. There are the times when you feel without a source of peace, comfort and compassion. There are times you feel misunderstood, unappreciated and a desire to do better. Work toward finding balance within yourself and enabling yourself to step back and maintain control.

People have their own way of thinking and doing things, and you have yours, and sometimes they just won’t mesh well. In those moments, remember that the purpose of others in your life is not to complete you, but to compliment you.

You must be whole and complete within yourself.

Hold yourself accountable for things you need to do to improve your life, smile, be kind to others, and enjoy each good day!

Learn how to validate yourself, fight through anything, manage your emotions, and create peace in your mind.

This is the ultimate achievement in life - now you have everything you need to live each day happily and completely. 

It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

Living your best life isn't a cliche, it's a real thing that some people do and most people don't.

Which do you wish to be?


You can't rely on your family, friends, partners, or others - what you need most comes from inside you - and it's earned!

Peace, comfort, and compassion are within you. You are whole and complete within yourself.

You cannot rely on others because others won't always be there.

You are and you have everything you need to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

How to feel whole on your own within yourself


1. Know what you want.

2. If it doesn't make you smile, or it doesn't make you better, don't do it.

3. Work hard at the things you enjoy.

4. Know yourself and improve yourself daily.

5. Identify and participate in the activities that center you. 

6. Consistently employ healthy habits and a healthy diet.

7. Improve your awareness of self and sharpen your emotion intelligence and control.

8. Be grateful for everything.

9. Rely on yourself.

10. Live Your Best Life.


Be wise, stay balanced, stay focused, work hard, smile, hold yourself accountable, and do your best every day.

Life is amazing. Treat yourself well and enjoy your time here.


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