Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life | Empty Whole

Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life | Empty Whole

1. Health

2. Family + Relationships

3. Self-Improvement

4. Money

5. Balance


To have the most successful and enjoyable life you need to understand what your top priorities should be and why they're the most important things for you to focus on.

Once you're able to establish the most important priorities in life, you'll be more able to make clear decisions that best guide your actions, use of time, and life.

We'll explain the top five priorities any human needs as a baseline for developing good character, happiness, balance, a peaceful mind, confidence, and a life well lived. 

When you're young and growing up there are a number of things your parents, teachers, or mentors might not teach you directly, and so there becomes a multitude of things you'll need to learn and confirm on your own as you grow.

The sooner you learn the things that are best for you, the sooner you'll properly invest your time and attention in life, and subsequently the sooner you might earn the lifestyle you wish for yourself.

Here you'll learn new information and confirm the things you already know so you can build the right habits and live your best life.

For the most part, people who succeed don't normally succeed by accident. The people who are greatest at what they do held priorities and a strong work ethic that developed them into who they are.

Your responsibility is to take the best care you can of yourself, take great care of your family, friends, and partners, and live your best life before you die.

Here are the top five things to prioritize in life: 

Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life Blog by Empty Whole

1. Good health.

Health is wealth!

In order to live a whole and happy life you need to be healthy.

Healthy habits, daily exercise, healthy dieting, minimal sugar intake, minimal smoking, drinking lots of water, and optimizing your nutrition to maintain good health is priority number one.

If you are dead or unhealthy then there is nothing you can do to get up and enjoy life.

If you're sick, understand, that also means you don't feel good.

When you're sick, not only are you unable to do much but you're actually in pain or bedridden, unable to progress or be active at all, and feeling the effects of your illness.

It's very important to be healthy and take good care of yourself. To be healthy is essentially the most important thing while you're alive - it's step number one. 

The better your health, the better your performance, and thus the better your life.

Any day we are not sick or injured should be taken full advantage of and should not be taken for granted.

We don't realize the blessing of good health until we no longer have it. Literally any day you wake up, get out of bed, and are able to do what you want and need to do, you're already having a really good day. 

To maintain good health:

- Learn about healthy nutrition, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and eating a healthy whole food diet.

- Eat healthy, minimize sugar intake, drink plenty of water, and know what foods are to avoid.

- Understand food! Food is essentially the energy source for humans. We eat to fuel ourselves not to fill ourselves.

[ Our bodies need water, vitamins, minerals, and micro + macronutrients to support good mental and physical health. To maintain good health in our bodies and minds we need to feed ourselves natural foods that provide nutrients which encourage healthy activity in bodily functions. The food you eat will make you fat or fit, energetic or lethargic, healthy or unhealthy, clear skinned or blemished, and clear-headed or anxious. Your diet, especially over time, influences your mind, body, and soul as much as anything else. Learn about food, understand that your body needs healthy nutrients and not detrimental ones, and stop hurting yourself with food when it's meant to be what strengthens, fuels, and helps you. ]

- Exercise every day. You can do yoga, walk, run, bike, swim, lift weights, exercise with bodyweight, play sports, go to the gym, workout alone or with somebody else, and participate in many other activities that make you work hard and expel energy. Be sure to have fun exercising and really learn to enjoy it. You're using your body, improving your physique, improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening your muscles, challenging yourself, pushing through pain, and growing!

- Focus on your thoughts and keep them positive.

- Avoid long periods of inactivity. We are meant to move and do work, so use your body, work hard, and keep your healthy diet for energy, muscle repair, and growth.

Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life | Empty Whole

2. Family and Relationships.

Be social, dress well, go out with family, go out with friends, and have some fun.

Meet new people, make new connections, and hold on to the good ones. Love those who love you and do everything you can to make them better.

Hold yourself to a high standard and allow your energy and example to be a positive light for everyone around you.

If you've got family do not take them for granted, not even for a day.

Very soon the people you love will be gone from your life or you'll be gone from theirs, but either way it goes nothing lasts forever, so embrace each day and each moment.

Always have your family's back and always hold them down.

In this life many people will have days in which they feel alone, insecure, targeted, betrayed, unappreciated, or unsatisfied - if we don't have family we don't have anybody so if your family is having a bad day and you're not there to lift them up then nobody is.

We should feel some responsibility for the well-being of our family because that's what family is and that's what family's for.

If nobody rides for you then your family will and if your family needs you, you'll ride for them. 

When you don't have family your main responsibility is to be strong enough alone. All your peace and power lies within you but it's up to you to enable it.

Bottom line, make time to enjoy with your family and friends. 

Go out, stay safe, be happy, and lift others up.

Top 5 Priorities Everyone Needs In Life | Empty Whole Blogs

3. Confidence, Self-Investment, and Self-Improvement.

Confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, self-investment, positivity, optimism, high vibration, empathy, a bird's eye view, introspection, hard work, good character, good health, integrity, toughness, and a winner's mentality. All of this entails daily self-improvement - the ultimate purpose of life.

As humans self-Improvement is our essential and underlying motivation and duty in life. Many people will spend some time thinking about what they should be doing with their life on earth and what they should be doing is two simple things:

1. Loving, living, and embracing each day as if it's your last.


2. Believing fully in oneself and committing each day to progression and waking up better each morning as a result of the work done the previous day.

A key of life is to be firmly confident in yourself. If you are not confident then you are less likely to succeed. The interesting thing about confidence is that it can be learned and acquired. To be confident is to be alive. 

If you've established self-confidence then continue to hold yourself high and participate in the healthy eating, daily exercise, introspection, and other activities that instill this confidence in yourself.

To be confident do not compare yourself to others, don't harshly judge others or yourself, think of yourself as the best and do what is required to be the best. See your strengths, embrace and improve on your "flaws",  eat healthy, work out, stay calm and composed, and strengthen yourself through hard work.

To be the best version of yourself is an honor and that honor is earned.

Spend time to develop yourself, learn, build good character, display charisma, speak well, look good, feel great, and lead a good life.

Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life | Empty Whole Blogs

4. Money / Work.

We all need money to live!

We all need money to buy the many things we need. We need to buy food to eat, clothes to wear, a house or apartment to live in, gas and electricity for our stoves and phones, we need money for paying bills, to buy a laptop, to pay for school, to buy a car and gas and to pay for repairs of the car.

We need money to decorate and maintain our homes. We need money to support and raise kids. We need money to buy medicine or pay for the insurance to buy the medicine. We need money to travel and go places and do things. We need money to buy the people we like gifts that make them happy and we need money to be able to enjoy what we want.

We need money for so many reasons for life on earth, whether we like it or not, and really you need a lot of money. It's true that we can live with very little but financial stress is an unending, widespread burden affecting the lives of millions around the world. 

Some people are too shy about it, but the sooner you learn the importance of money, the better. The younger you start to work and support yourself, the better.

Learn about the best options to make a good living and work hard to earn what you need and want for yourself. Also - be sure to choose work that you love and enjoy!

Money is why we work and why we spend so much time with our schooling and then our careers.

Much of our lives on earth are spent at work because we need the money to support our lives. Until you grow older you may not even realize all the money your parents spent on you. This is why people spend so much time working, they need the money to pay the bills and live - and the bills never stop. 

Of course, you wouldn't need to acquire much money if you were completely self-sufficient but almost no human is truly self-sufficient. Imagine getting all your meat, produce, electricity, heat, shelter, clothing, jewelry, bedding, fragrances, spices, cars, repairs, cleaning supplies, blankets, beds, and everything else by yourself.

Money is what enables you to acquire what you need from the businesses or people able to provide it. If you can't build a car from scratch, you buy a car. If you can't build a house, you buy a house. If you can't farm or hunt for meat, you buy your meat. 

Money is the currency which enables us to make these trades throughout the world and buy the things we need in life. 

Life priority number four is ensuring you pursue good work to make a lot of money in order to financially support yourself and your family.

Top 5 Things To Prioritize In Life | Empty Whole

5. Balance of mind, body, and soul.

Sooner or later you'll realize how complex life is and humans are. Every day we have to navigate drama, finances, work, school, time allocation, friends, family, relationships, exercise, diet, emotion, decisions, death, sickness, loss, and everything else that comes with life. Through all of this complexity, spend time  balancing and optimizing yourself.

Be positive.

Have faith.

Strengthen your connections with infinite intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Make good decisions.

Rise under pressure.

Thrive in isolation.

Seek wisdom.

Spread knowledge.

Believe in yourself.

And stay balanced within your mind, body, and soul.

Acknowledge your connection to divinity and infinite intelligence and bring it all together.

Meditate, spend time with yourself, exhaust your muscles, defeat your limitations, calm your mind, and hold yourself accountable. Seek the answers you desire from within and align your mind to maintain levelheadedness through both the good times and bad times.

EMPTY WHOLE Top 5 Life Priorities

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to being your best you.

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy our articles and Empty Whole goods available online. Please enjoy shopping today and reading more.

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