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The Best Ways To Wear And Apply Perfume Fragrance | Empty Whole:

It's one thing to choose a perfume and spray it on; it's another thing to choose a nice perfume and wear it well.

Did you know that your fragrance can perform differently depending on where and how you apply it?

There are also other factors that are important to consider in regards to wearing your perfumes. 

There are different perfumes for different moods and different outfits. There are perfumes you wear at certain types of occasions and not others, and perfumes you should wear during certain seasons but not others.

A perfume that smells good will do it's job to make you smell good but a perfume worn well can be the ultimate accessory for your look and express your personality - the final touch to spice up your allure.


What Are The Best Ways To Wear And Apply Women's Perfume Fragrance | Empty Whole 


There are a number of ways women around the world apply their fragrances, we'll share with you some of those and our suggestions of how you should wear yours. 

So, follow what we say and then, see what you prefer.

Let's get into some tips:

Perfume will not last as long on dry skin as it might when applied to moist skin.

Spray on your perfume when you get out of the shower or consider applying an unscented lotion or moisturizer before wearing your perfume. 

Moisture on your skin will help the skin better absorb the perfume oil to improve it's performance and lasting wear.

The best areas to apply perfume are the pulse points where there is healthy blood-flow and you may feel your pulse: i.e. the wrists, elbows, ankles, neck, and temples (behind the ear).

Some people also like to spray their clothes with their fragrance and that's acceptable. It actually might be recommended for a better lasting wear.

Spraying perfume on your clothes should not stain your clothes, just be sure not to spray so close to yourself because that's when you might see the water marks.

So, spraying perfume onto clothing may actually be a good thing since it should last longer than perfume sprayed on the skin.

Places on the body to apply your perfumes:

1. A spray on the inside of one or both wrists

  • Perhaps the most popular area women spray their perfume.
  • Easy accessibility
  • Good pulse-point that will increase fragrance performance by providing more heat through blood flow
  • Be sure to spray below from the hand/wrist and a bit toward the forearm to avoid losing the fragrance when washing your hands.
  • Do NOT rub your wrists together. When you do this it affects the wear of the fragrance by rubbing molecules together and disrupting the natural course intended for the perfume.

2. A spray on the inside of one or both elbows

  • Another pulse-point with higher blood-flow to help the fragrance better develop.
  • A good area to spray so the perfume stays longer and has increased performance. 

3. A spray behind one or both ears

  • Good for right kiss, left kiss greetings.
  • Good to be smelled when hugging.
  • Good to avoid the neck area (in case of skin irritation, kissing, etc).
  • Good pulse-point

4. A spray behind one or both knees

  • Good pulse-point to apply fragrance
  • Strategic area to spray perfume. For some time women have been applying perfume to the back of their knees. The intention is for people to catch the scent as the lady wearing the perfume walks by (Yes, well thought out, and it works). So if you want people sitting to smell your perfume as you walk by and they're seated, apply a spray or two or the skin behind your knee.

    5. A spray on the back of the neck

    • A strategic area to spray perfume.
    • Covers your backside
    • Intention of spraying on the back of the neck is to allow for a trail of the perfume behind you. This is how you get the heads turning and people looking back to see the alluring woman they just smelled. 

    6. A spray in the hair

    • Good to help the hair smell fresh and delicious.
    • Good to add as a supplement to perfume sprayed in other areas or good to act alone for a light day of perfume wear.
    • Don't apply too much perfume to your hair. Perfumes contain alcohol and too much could dry your hair.


    Those are some of the best ways to wear and apply your perfumes. Enjoy the new fragrance practices you may have just learned from us and enjoy wearing all your amazing perfumes.


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    Bonus: The best place to store your perfume bottles.

    The best place to store your perfumes bottles is in an area at room temperature. You'll want to avoid areas that can get too warm such as the bathroom (steam) and avoid areas close to the window. Do not expose your perfumes to sudden or dramatic changes in temperature.

    To conclude, keep the surrounding temperature of your bottles stable and ensure a cooler, room temperature near or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Now you know where you can wear your perfume and how women all over the world do. Feel free to test wearing your perfumes in each body area find what combination you enjoy most. Enjoy the reactions of people who compliment your smell and enjoy smelling amazing.


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