Essential Luxury Scented Candle Set (3)

$75 $90

1. Rose


Top: Sage, Lemon, Mint

Middle: Lavender, Violet

Base: Rose Petals, Amber, Patchouli


2. French Blackberry


Top: Pineapple, Peach, Berries

Middle: Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Base: Lavender, Cypress, Musk


3. Café Vanilla


Top: Vanilla, Cream

Middle: Coconut, Milk, Espresso

Base: Coffee, Gourmand 

230g / 8oz. One candle offers a burn time of approximately 60 hours.

Our luxury scented candles are responsibly made with 100% clean soy wax, our blend of the finest fragrance oils sourced from around the world, and hand-poured by artisans into our signature matte black glass vessels.

For Candle Care and Burning Instructions, please refer to our Candle Burning and Safety Guidelines.

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