Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole

Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Just for all of you, our experts and writers at Empty Whole get together to identify the most important and beneficial information we could be sharing with our customers and readers.

In researching topics, speaking with customers, and discussing as a team, we identified a problem to address that essentially every human encounters during their time on earth - days, weeks, or months of feeling stuck, stagnant, and unsure of what to do next. Rest assured, we got you.
Everything we do at Empty Whole, we do for you. In all of our articles whatever information you read is honorable, outstanding information brought to you by individuals with much education, experience, and love. Truth be told, if you're able to learn what we suggest are the best things to learn, then you practice and master those things, you will be your best you.
Life will always bring you both up and downs, it's a long, bumpy, beautiful ride, and for the times you're feeling stuck here are some of the best things you could do.
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Meditate -

It is not lost on us that meditation has become a topic discussed very much as of late. Seemingly 5 or so years ago meditation was an activity of gurus and monks but has since found it's way, with yoga, into the mainstream. The only problem with the mention of meditation being so often is that it's power is easily overlooked and not fully understood. When feeling stuck, if you can focus on your meditation sessions, it is in these sessions that you will undoubtedly begin to experience the stillness, tranquility, and freedom of mind you've been longing for. 

In mediation you get to know yourself.

In meditation you gain control over the flow of your thoughts.

In meditation you learn to appreciate and focus on your breathe.
In meditation you slow down and nearly stop happening around you.
In meditation you release your mind and set it free.
Finally, the beauty of meditation is that it's simple, profound activity you can always return to to relax, breathe, and feel serenity.
In meditation you find peace.

How to Meditate:

When you find yourself in need of silence and clarity: First, find a place without much noise, commotion, or people. Sit down, relax, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and listen to each breathe. As you focus, now more relaxed, on your breathe, with your eyes closed, you will feel begin to feel peace. Of course, if, when you begin meditating, you continue feeling anxious or stuck, with practice you will find peace.

For at least five minutes keep your attention on your breathe, as your thoughts flow through your mind, practice either listening closely if you're looking for an answer, or not listening and creating a free, light feeling in your mind. As you continue to practice meditating you will clearly see improvement in your ability to relax yourself, find answers to your questions, and either listen more clearly to your mind, or better know how to contain it.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Play Sports / Other Activity / Hobby - 

Whether you currently feel like spending more time alone or with others, there is always an activity you can participate in that will take your mind and feelings off your circumstances and allow you to immerse yourself in what's happening in enough that you are not actively thinking of what's keeping you stuck. Of course, if you continue doing things and feeling some type of way, choose another activity until you find the ones that free you.



Play basketball / soccer / baseball / football / tennis / golf / or any other sport 

Go Horseback riding

Make music
Make art
Go running outside or at the gym
Build something
Work / Volunteer somewhere that makes you happy



Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Be social -
A lot of the times in which we are feeling unwell and life seems insurmountable our minds and bodies seem to reject the idea of being enthusiastic, adventurous, and social - but there is so much to gain from productive conversations, especially when you're stuck in a rut.
Talk to someone you enjoy talking to or get out and strike up conversations with new people, do your part to enjoy yourself and focus on relaxing and listening. In your conversations, rather than being distracted by things happening around you or talking about yourself, focus on getting the other person to talk - listen, learn, and continue asking questions, especially those they seem interested in answering.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Travel -
Take a trip! So often we have the means to go somewhere, even if on a budget, but we don't seem to take ourselves and get away. Unfortunately, much of the time people want to travel the problem they run into is getting someone to go with them. Do your best not to complicate things, find someone who needs a trip or someone you know who travels often and go together. Otherwise, pick a safe place or somewhere you have family or friends and get away from the area you're in at least for a moment there. Do your best to gain a new perspective, do new things, go new places, meet new people, be grateful for all your blessings, and reset yourself.
Whether you decide to travel globally or near your location, there are so many different people and places to see, you just have to get out there to see them. The places you experience, the people you meet, and the things you learn are bound to broaden your horizon, refuel your soul, and help you appreciate everything you've taken for granted. A simple but much needed trip can be just the inspiration and experience you need.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Read / Write - 
Currently a couple of the world's most undervalued activities, especially for people who need a solution or answers to something are reading and writing.
Read! While many books are written for writers to earn money, many of the most intelligent and most educated people in the world have written outstanding books with crucial discoveries - we can read writings published yesterday and writings published hundreds of years ago from the brightest individuals the world has seen on the most pressing and fundamental topics regarding life and humanity.
Any questions you have, any topics you are interested in, and most problems you need solutions for, have been studied by humans who dedicated their life to the topic and then wrote about it so that someone with little knowledge and little time dedicated can learn the most important points that those experienced, dedicated individuals learned from firsthand experience.
Truly, the wisdom and enchantment that lies in writing is unprecedented. Any line in any book can touch you, change you, and inspire you every day for many years to come. For those who are not avid readers and don't understand how many people read so much, it's likely because they've previously come across a book, page, line, or story that affected the way they think, act, or live.
One gem is all you need. If now, you're feeling stuck, and you take even one point mentioned in this entire article and practice it, you will move forward. If, on the other hand, you do not finish reading or you do not practice anything mentioned here to help yourself, then you cannot wonder why in the world you continue to feel stuck.
Furthermore, writing is a practice so undervalued and underutilized nowadays. Anytime you need to figure something out, anytime you have something to say but nobody to say it to, anytime you think of a song or a story or a phrase that you like, and for anything else, just pull out a notebook and start writing things down. You can get rid of the paper afterwards if you don't like what you put on it, you can continue writing, or you can read and edit things you've already written. 
Just start writing!


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Take Inventory -
Step back, outside of your body, and take a look at yourself. See how you're playing yourself, and fix it.
Take inventory of your life. Understand where you are, and where you would like to be, how you got to where you are, and how to get where you'd like to go.
In taking inventory and analyzing your life, learn as much as you can about what you like, what you don't like, habits to remove, habits to build, people to avoid, and people to engage more with. Do your best to keep this perspective of looking at yourself and your thoughts. Soon, you'll be able to analyze your thoughts and actions, your natural emotional responses to those thoughts and actions, and therefore the ability to understand why your body and mind provide certain feelings at certain times.
Once you understand how your emotional response system reacts to your thoughts and experiences, you'll be better suited to contain negative emotional responses and allow positive ones to flourish. 
As humans much of the poor feelings we experience are self-inflicted. Of course, everyone's mind and emotions operate individually but as humans we share in the similar experience. Your awareness of your emotions and understanding of them as being natural, subconscious responses from your brain will enable you to operate productively with any negative emotions and energetically when feeling positive ones.

The most important aspect of living a good life lies in your dedication to self-education. Learning about life, philosophy, humans, the way of the world, and all things in between will be what gives you everything you need to feel good and be happy. Above all, happiness lies in being grateful for everything you've had, have, and will have. As you learn and grow you will become fully appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us in people and nature all over the world as well as the basic necessities of life that you likely have, while many others don't.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Learn / Understand -
A critical part of knowing how to live and navigate stress or stagnation is to understand life and the way of the world.
Learn as much as possible about life, how to live, who lived how and why, and what the best type of life to live is for you. Our designs for our lives do not need to be extravagant, they can and perhaps should be lofty, but they must be attainable. 
Learn about logic, reason, problem solving. You can even explore philosophy.
Learn about people, those you know and those you don't - learn what motivates them, what bothers them, and how to engage with them positively and productively.
Each day you make many small decisions, big and small. As you come to understand people and life you will be able to make the best decisions you need to make when you need to make them. Always be curious, always ask good questions while being a good listener, and always continue learning.
Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Adjust -
Take inventory, learn, understand, spend time alone, and adjust what you see needs to be adjusted.
Life truly is full of many ups and downs and many surprises, you'll always need to adjust to life while also doing your best to makes parts of your life adjust to you. 
Sometimes it's you who need to make a change and other times it's things outside of your control that you need to accept and adjust to.
Always be ready to change things or for things to suddenly change.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Relax: Take a Bath / Sauna / Massage -
Sometimes in life, you just need to relax! Breathe, bathe, sun bathe, use a sauna, get a massage, use a steam room, or do any relaxing, relieving activity to help release some stress and improve your ability to access a calm state in your daily life and for your sessions of meditation.
Take some time to just shut your eyes, sit back, and relax. 
It's as simple as that, we all need some times to just chill.


Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Don't Look Back - 
Especially, don't look back in vain. It's wasteful to spend time contemplating past things you've already thought about and even allowing them to affect your mood. The past is the past, relish in the best moments and cherish them, but if you're stuck, looking back is the last thing you need to do unless it's for self-reflection and learning how to be better. Focus on here, now, and what you can do to make a difference in the future that's to come. 
Feeling Stuck? What You Should Do Next | Empty Whole


Play Sports or Participate in other hobbies you enjoy
Be social
Read / Write
Take Inventory
Don't Look Back


You have all the tools and information you need to wake up each day, remember what you want in life, and do the things that benefit you. Feeling stuck is a thing of the past. Life is short, life is fragile, and life for someone else is much worse than it is for you. Additionally, most things you experience in life other humans experience and surpass on their way to even more difficult problems. Be grateful for everything, the roof over your head, the bed and pillows you sleep on, an education, being able to read and write, all your clothes and shoes, your family and friends, your ancestors, your hobbies and the ability to actually do them, and everything else. Everything is a blessing. Everything you have, someone else lacks. You are more than capable of always moving forward living a life you love and enjoy.



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