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The Top 5 Things You Need For Vacation:

Exactly what you need to bring on your vacation is going to differ based on where and when you'll be at your destination. Of course, each person uses different items on a daily and weekly basis but if you don't normally use some of the things we mention feel free to consider them based on the details of your trip and benefits they provide.

If you're going on a trip where you'll be away from home and all the things you have there you'll want to consider taking products you use every day and ones you'll need for your upcoming new location!

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Soaps / moisturizer / lotion / skincare / body wash / shampoo / sun tan lotion / deodorant / fragrances

Hygiene will include anything we may need to keep up with our overall cleanliness, health, presentation, and appeal. Undoubtedly some of the most important items you'll take unless they're available where you're staying.

With good hygiene practice you'll be sure to look good and feel great, especially when paired with your clothing, skincare, and beauty products if you're using any. Of course, travel with volumes of product within the guidelines of your means of transportation. When flying it's safe to stick with small bottles and plan to purchase what you may need if you've planned an extended stay.


- Soaps - Body Wash, Shampoo / Conditioner, Hand Sanitizer

- Skincare Products - Moisturizer, Skin Serum, Body lotion

- Sunscreen, Tanning Oil

- Deodorant

- Fragrances (Perfume / Cologne)

- Hair products

- Medicine

- Fem hygiene

- Makeup / Beauty Essentials

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The hardest part for many lies in selecting the clothes you'll take to wear on your trip. It may be hard choosing but this truly is the fun part. Consider where you're going and check the expected weather for the time you'll be in town, then start forming some idea of the styles you'll want to wear. Finally, we'll try picking staple tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, and accessories we can use and style with varying pieces.

We'll include different items that you may not need if they don't apply to your current trip. 



To get things started with picking your outfits for this trip, pick out your staple / favorite pieces or the new pieces you may have gotten to take on this vacation. Try to pack light with neutral styles you can add to statement pieces or wear under stylish layering. 



Bring a few tops you'd love to wear, a crop top or two, a classy top or two, a shirt or hoodie or layer depending on weather. Go for any look on your tops that you like. Be sure to bring a couple pieces that can be worn with different bottoms and shoes and don't overpack tops of the same colors. If you're going somewhere warm and plan on getting a lovely tan feel free to wear your favorite cropped or cut pieces out or to dinner; enjoy your body, enjoy your tan, and enjoy your vacation.



When considering bottoms we want to pack both light and classy. Of course pack a pair of shorts or two to wear in your room, around the pool, or our if it's extremely warm where you're headed. For the most part we'd consider a more elegant, fashionable pack for the bottoms - skirts, light pants, and a pair of your favorite denim if you'd like. Have a plan for your trip before traveling and consider what you'll be doing. Find your most flattering pants and skirts for dinners, nights out, and walking around town. In addition to your elegant bottoms, be ready to pack your best dresses.



A staple for women on any vacation, adding class and style to your luggage and wardrobe, the dresses you have will be perfect for starry or adventurous evenings away from home. You can choose from your favorite dresses and add those in, pick what makes you feel most confident, chic, and desirable.



Most trips we take involve nice weather, the ocean, the lake, swimming pools, or jacuzzies, and if that's the case for you then you'll need to dress accordingly. Pick you favorite 1 - 4 swim sets to take based on where you're going and what you plan on doing. If you're on extended travel you can wash and reuse your sets. If need be, an extra swim set can be used for extra undergarments. 



As a friendly reminder, you'll want to take some undergarments in your suitcase. At least a pair of underwear per day should be included an likely an extra pair or two, although one extra should do. Underwear are small and light, we'll need a fresh pair we can use each day, and we want to be prepared for pairs being dirtied and having to switch out. According to how often you plan on wearing bras, add one to a few to your luggage although you likely won't need too many taking up space in your suitcase. 



Another fun part of packing, picking and admiring your favorite shoes to wear to style for nights out and dressed up, or to walk around and enjoy the scenery. For our shoes we'll want to pack a pair of sandals, some heels, and a nice sneaker or two. You'll be covered by water or hot weather with the sandals, have heels to dress up with your pants, skirts, or dresses, and have sneakers for walking or any other activity. Shoes take up a lot of space so keep it simple and don't include too many pairs.


Sunglasses / Glasses:

Of course if we're in the sun we'll want to take sunglasses to keep your eyes cool and add a little extra to your look. You don't need your most expensive glasses in case you lose or break them, but if you have a case for your glasses take them in the case. For our people with glasses or contacts be sure to take what you need whether it be just your glasses or your contacts and solution.



For the ladies and gentlemen, be sure to take some jewelry on you or in one of your bags to complete all your outfits. If you're going on a trip there is no need to take your most expensive things, again there lies so many opportunities to lose or break things like glasses or jewelry when away from home for an extended period of time so avoid the most valuable pieces and keep track of your things. 

You don't need too many pieces but it would be good to have some variety or jewelry to stack. Take or wear rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets you may have and they'll help your outfit stand out, add some class, and add some shine to your look. Sterling silver or gold plated jewelry make for great choices abroad, again, be careful taking too much when you're away on vacation and keep any super valuable pieces safe at home.



Very quickly we just wanted to touch on the bags as they are important when traveling since they carry and protect all your thing. Pack a carry on backpack or duffle bag with your essentials and maybe some snacks, bring your wallet / bag / purse to hold your identification documents and money or credit cards, and finally your suitcase / luggage to carry your clothes and the other essential items mentioned on this list.

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Of course if you're going to be away from a cash flowing job you'll need some cash or credit card to pay for anything you want or need. If you can stay away from taking too much cash that might be safe and help keep things more compact. A slim wallet or card holder with credit or debit cards you have access too should be all you need depending on where you're going. Keep your money safe and don't overspend while you're away.


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The list wouldn't be complete without you ensuring you have your passport, driver's license, and any necessary documents for travel depending on where you're coming from and where you're headed. Make sure you keep your passport and identification ready for travel and double check that they are not expired.

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And finally our list would not be complete without the most important cargo - you and your energy. When you're headed for a trip make some plans, know what you want to do, be happy, be enthused, be grateful, and be social. Any travel is a great adventure and opportunity to meet other people, places, and versions of ourselves. Do your part to have fun, learn, and keep good energy throughout the journey however short or long it may be.



- Bags (suitcase, carry-on, wallet)

- Hygiene Products

- Clothing / Accessories / Shoes

- Passport / ID

- Cash / Credit

- Your Best Energy


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We wish you a safe travel and the best of experiences on this and every trip you take! Be sure you have everything you need, stay safe, and enjoy!

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