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How to Experience the Beautifying Benefits of a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep is vital for a number of reasons: It protects the cardiovascular system from damage, helps to prevent certain cancers and other diseases, boosts our energy levels, and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Moreover, a great night’s sleep makes us smarter, happier, and more physically fit.


But did you know that sleep can also help us to look and feel younger? That’s right: Beauty sleep is a real thing. When we’re sleeping soundly throughout the night, our skin is better able to repair itself from damage, which leads to fewer wrinkles and clear, glowing skin. Additionally, deep sleep is beneficial to achieving a fuller head of hair.


To reap these beautifying benefits, it’s best to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. But if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, there are several things you can do to improve your sleep habits for a better night’s rest. This article from Empty Whole will tell you how!

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

Part of building a healthy bedtime routine has a lot to do with the bath and body products you’re using and how often you’re applying them to your skin. But as a rule, it’s important to cleanse and moisturize your face before getting into bed, choosing products that work best for your skin type. The right facial cleanser, night cream, and serum will hydrate and brighten your skin, reduce acne, and fight signs of aging as you snooze. Before going to bed, taking some time to care for yourself and your skin will help you relax, wind down, and feel good as you get ready for sleep.


Certain skincare products can help to calm the body and induce sleep, including roll-on essential oils, facial masks, lotions, and bath oils or salts. It may be helpful to incorporate these products into your bedtime routine. Regardless, some soothing water on your face and some comfortable clothes and sheets will be inviting as you drift off to bed.

Try a Silk Pillowcase

If you’re waking up in the morning with tangled tresses or experiencing hair loss or breakage, it may be time to replace your standard cotton pillowcase with one that’s made of mulberry silk. You’ll get more comfortable and protect your hair and skin from any harsh materials.


Some other reasons to use silk pillowcases instead of cotton include the following:


  • They’re hypoallergenic, making them resistant to dust mites, mold, and other common allergens.
  • They regulate body heat as you sleep, keeping your face cool and dry.
  • They may improve the effectiveness of your skincare products, allowing each product to penetrate the skin more easily.


If you tend to overheat or sweat at night, you could run a light fan in the room. you could purchase breathable sheets to sleep on, lower your thermostat before bed, or sleep with less / lighter clothes. It may also be helpful to sleep in a lighter blanket when in bed.

Turn to Tech Gadgets

Some of us can fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes of climbing into bed, but not everyone is so fortunate. Some toss and turn for hours until we finally drift off to sleep — and even then we may wake up several times throughout the night. Fortunately, various types of tech can be used to track your sleep habits and help get you a better night’s rest.


For example, sleep-tracking devices can be worn around your wrist or finger, placed under your sheets, or situated next to your bed. These devices are designed to collect data as you rest, including information about your heart rate, movements, and room environment. Some can also be used to track your workouts, calories burned, and daily steps.

In addition to using sleep-tracking devices at night, you could place speakers near your bedside and play relaxing sounds that help you to drift off more easily. Companies offer a wide variety of speakers to choose from, your phone, tv, or speaker can then be connected to your smartphone device and used to play your favorite sleep sounds, whether it’s white noise, ocean waves, rain showers, or soft music.


Furthermore, mobile apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, and Calm offer sleep meditations, playlists, breathing exercises, and more. You can also find free guided meditation audio on YouTube, helping you to relax, unwind, and prepare your body for a peaceful night’s rest.

Purify the Air in Your Bedroom

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue — one that can interfere with your sleep quality and irritate your throat, eyes, and nose. When the air quality in your bedroom is poor, you may snore as you sleep, experience nasal congestion and sneezing, and have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. But this is where air purification comes in. By purifying the air in your bedroom, you’ll sleep better at night, experience fewer allergy symptoms, and look and feel better overall.


Here are some ways to purify the air in your bedroom for a more restful night’s sleep:


  • Run an indoor air purifier.
  • Sleep with your windows open if you don’t live in a noisy or polluted city.
  • Decorate your bedroom with air-cleansing house plants such as the Spathiphyllum wallisii (peace lily), chlorophytum comosum (spider plant), and sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant).
  • Diffuse essential oils like tea, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang.
  • Alternatively, you can burn scented soy wax candles — but make sure to do so safely!
  • Detoxify your space by upgrading to an organic cotton mattress, organic cotton sheets, and solid-wood bedroom furniture.

Enjoy the Beautifying Benefits of Better Sleep

Quality sleep is key to looking and feeling healthy, young, and energized, but unfortunately, sleep isn’t something that comes easily for all of us. Many of us need to practice good sleep hygiene, which means establishing a relaxing bedtime routine, improving our sleep environment, and using natural sleep aids such as essential oils and sleep-inducing bath soaks. And while it can take some time to find a bedtime routine that works, these tips will help us to improve our sleep habits for a healthier and more youthful body and mind!


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