110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

1. Master and appreciate each day.

2. Be who you want to be and who you believe you're meant to be.

3. Dress your best.

4. Consume healthy foods and drinks.

6. Avoid sugary and processed foods and drinks + drink a lot of water.

5. Learn to speak a new language.

6. Exercise regularly.

7. Do well in school and at work.

8. Work hard and earn as much money as you can.

9. Don't be affected by the negative opinions of others.

10. Have and maintain full confidence in yourself.

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

11. Be kind to others.

12. Enjoy luxuries.

13. Travel on holidays and vacations.

14. Establish big goals with steps to achieve them - and work until you achieve your goals.

15. Don't let others' negativity and insecurities affect your attitude or confidence. Lift others up.

16. Be proactive and productive.

17. Make more money. Try to start or grow a business.

18. Learn to identify, understand, and better control your thoughts and emotions.

19. Be committed to the daily growth of your mind, body, and spirit.

20. Enjoy time alone.

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

21. Read books a bit every day. You can learn anything imaginable.

22. Form an appreciation for nature.

25. Be grateful for each day and blessing that comes your way.

26. Listen to your conscience, learn about yourself, and find your purpose.

27. Quit a job you don't like for one that you do.

28. Have fun, stay safe, and do what make you happy.

29. Avoid doing the things you really don't like to do.

30. Compliment others.

110 Ultimate Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

31. Wear perfume / cologne.

32. Move forward through adversity.

33. Be positive and optimistic.

34. Learn from criticism and mistakes.

35. Never give up on achieving success.

36. Let go of anything that drags you down.

37. Be independent and at peace within yourself. 

38. Let go of relationships that don't benefit you and only spend time with people who make you better.

39. Avoid negative people - misery loves company and it's contagious.

40. Help the less fortunate.

110 Best Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

41. Don't procrastinate, do what you know you need to do when you need to do it.

42. Get rid of bad habits.

43. Form deeper connections and have deeper conversations.

44. De-clutter. Stay clean and organized in your home, bedroom, office, car, etc.

45. Continue learning and seeking new knowledge daily.

46. Improve yourself every day and do things that make you look, feel, and live your best. Continue to level up.

47. Support causes and people that inspire you and try to make an impact with your own causes and creations.

48. Embrace new ideas.

49. Learn from the honorable people you would want to be like.

50. Respect everyone.

110 Essential Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

51. Get married to someone you love, and make each other better.

52. Take a few hours off electronics every day.

53. Do the things you'll regret missing out on.

54. Live in the moment.

55. Take a break. Light a candle, sit back, watch a movie - just relax.

56. Create more, don't just consume. Start your own business, write your own book, make your own art, make your own music, etc.

57. Play sports.

58. Challenge your fears and eradicate your fear of failure.

59. Love yourself.

60. You only live once, so stay loose, don't overthink, don't stress, let go of the past, and don't worry about the future. Enjoy today.

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

61. Understand you have the potential to be anything, and don't limit your goals.

62. Try practicing yoga, stretching daily, and taking part in other meditative, beneficial activities.

63. Walk or run every day.

64. If you notice yourself giving negative energy, stop and apologize for it.

65. Be social, start conversations with people you might be interested in, and be confident speaking with anyone. 

66. Take great care of your teeth. Brush morning and night, floss often, and avoid consuming too much sugar.

67. Take great care of your skin. Consider using a cleanser, moisturizer, and spf protection.

68. Take great care of yourself.

69. Learn to stay calm and composed.

70. Talk to others when you feel like you should.

Take care of your skin. 110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

71. Listen when others are speaking. When they notice you paying attention, they'll appreciate you more.

72. Ask good questions and always be curious. 

73. Volunteer for causes you appreciate.

74. Remember that you'll die. This will keep you in perspective and help you value each day.  You're reminded to do the things you enjoy and avoid the things you don't.

75. Do the things others won't.

76. Smile and say good morning to people. 

77. Be patient.

78. Have safe sex.

79. Get enough sleep.

80. Get the pet you've always wanted.

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

81. Wake up early.

82. Eat a healthy breakfast every day.

83. Don't compare yourself to others.

84. Plan for the short-term and the long-term.

95. Double down on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

96. Bet on yourself, especially when others doubt you.

97. Make a vision board. Collect images and writings of what you want in your life and look at it to remember what you're working for every day. Eventually that's what you'll get.

98. Pray.

99. Always ask for what you want. You'll never get what you don't ask for.

100. When things don't go your way, move forward.

101. When things do go your way, don't get complacent.

110 Tips To Live Your Best Life | Empty Whole

102. Spend time with your family.

103. Reconnect with someone.

104. Go dating.

105. Use a slim wallet.

106. Fulfill your promises.

107. Let go of grudges.

108. Accept the things that are not in your control.

109. Venture outside your comfort zone.

110. Be able to see things from the other person's perspective.


At the end of the day we need to remember that life is short and it's up to us to achieve the type of life we want while we're living. Understand that joy comes from appreciating the little things. Wake up grateful for each day, be healthy, exercise, be social, be respectful, and work resiliently toward your goals. While you're alive it's your responsibility to live your best life.

There are no limits to what you can do and it's all in your hands. Just do you.

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