60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

1. Treat every day as a fresh new start.

2. Be true to who you are.

3. Dress your best.

4. Eat healthy foods and drinks.

6. Avoid sugary, processed foods and drinks. And consume a lot of water every day.

5. Learn to cook well.

6. Exercise regularly.

7. Do well in school and at work.

8. Work hard and earn as much money as you can and enjoy it.

9. Don't be affected by the opinions of others.

10. Have and maintain full confidence in yourself.

11. Be kind to others.

12. Enjoy luxuries when you can afford to.

13. Travel on holidays and vacations.

14. Establish big goals with steps to achieving them and work until you achieve those goals.

15. Don't let others' negativity and insecurities affect your attitude or confidence. When you notice negativity, lift others up.

60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

16. Be proactive and productive.

17. Make more money. Try to grow a business or ask for a promotion at work.

18. Learn to identify, understand, strengthen, and better control your thoughts and emotions.

19. Be committed to daily growth in mind, body, and spirit.

20. Spend time alone every single day.

21. Read books a bit each day. This can be some of your time alone and time learning.

22. Form a bond with and appreciation for nature.

25. Be grateful for each day and blessing that comes your way. You'll enjoy everything even more.

26. Listen to your conscience, learn about yourself, and make good decisions. 

27. Live in alignment with the principles of good character, integrity, and resilience.

28. Have fun, stay safe, and do what you enjoy.

29. Don't do the things you really don't like to do.

30. Compliment others.

60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

31. Wear perfume / cologne.

32. If you work a job that you don't like, go get a better job.

33. Be positive and optimistic.

34. Learn from criticism and mistakes.

35. Never give up on achieving success.

36. Let go of anything that drags you down.

37. Be independent and at peace within yourself. 

38. Let go of relationships that don't benefit you and spend more time with people who make you better.

39. Avoid negative people if you can't help make them better. Misery loves company and it's contagious.

40. Help the less fortunate.

41. Don't procrastinate, do what you know you need to do when you need to do it.

42. Listen to yourself when you know you're right.

43. Form deeper connections and have deep conversations with intelligent people.

44. De-clutter - stay clean and stay organized.

45. Continue learning and seeking new knowledge daily.

60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

46. Treat each day as a day to improve yourself and do the things that make you look, feel, and live better. Continue to level up.

47. Support people, companies, and causes that inspire you and make an impact with your own contributions and/or creations.

48. Embrace new ideas.

49. Learn from people you would want to be like.

50. Respect everyone.

51. Get married to someone you love.

52. Raise a child with love.

53. Do the things you'll regret not doing.

54. Live in the moment and appreciate the little things in your day.

55. When you're busy or stressed, take a break.

56. Create, don't just consume. Start your own business, write your own book, make your own art, make your own music, etc.

57. Play sports and/or other team activities.

58. Challenge your fears and eradicate your fear of failure.

59. Love yourself.

60. You only live once, so do what you want and have fun.

60 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest | Empty Whole

Be Your best You. Live your best life.

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