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As you may already know there are two common types of hair used to produce makeup brushes – there are brushes made with natural hair and brushes made with synthetic hair bristles.

So, what’s the difference?


Natural Hair Makeup Brushes 

Natural hair brush fibers are sourced from the furs of various animals like sable, squirrel, or farm animals including goats.

Depending on the animal fur type, the quality of the hair collected, and the manufacturing process of the company providing them, natural hair brushes could be much softer than synthetic hair brushes.

There are also claims for cruelty-free natural hair brushes, this is essentially a claim that the hair was gently sourced from the animal without causing it harm.

Natural hair brushes perform very well but could have less durability when compared to brushes made from synthetic hair - depending on how often the brushes are used, how you treat them as the user, and how you go about cleaning them. 


Synthetic Hair Makeup Brushes

Synthetic hair brush fibers are made from nylon and other plastic materials.

Advancements in the materials and manufacturing of synthetic brushes have made it so that there’s little difference in how they apply makeup when compared to brushes made from natural hair.

Brushes made with synthetic hair can be advantageous in terms of maintenance because the hair won’t damage when washed many times and they can also be sanitized with alcohol without drying the hairs.

One detail that many makeup brush users consider and appreciate about synthetic hair makeup brushes is the fact that they are made 'cruelty-free' and not manufactured with hair taken from animals.

Although, as we clarified earlier, there are natural hair brushes that are cruelty-free which means the animal hair was sourced humanely.

Makeup artists say there's a slight difference between how natural and synthetic brushes work and each artists uses them for different purposes - to be sure you would have to try both and form your own opinion of what works best for you.


So, how do they perform and which should you use? 

We know many artists who enjoy using natural hair brushes with powders, blush, mineral makeup, bronzer, or for lightly blending concealer.

As for synthetic brushes – many artists prefer to use them with cream and liquid formulas like foundation and eye liner because they are less absorbent than natural hair brushes. 

To really determine the difference for yourself our suggestion would be to use both natural hair makeup brushes and synthetic hair brushes with different cosmetic products and to take note of which brushes feel best and help you achieve your best looks.

You could absolutely choose between just synthetic or natural hair tools – but if you're like most artists, you love to buy new makeup brushes, so give both a try and see what you enjoy. Once you know which type you prefer you could continue using only those and not continue purchasing the brush types you don't like.

We hope to help make you the best version of yourself. Thanks for reading.

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