Candle Snuffer / Extinguisher


To complete your burns of outstanding luxury candles, use the signature Empty Whole Candle Snuffer to gently and properly extinguish your flames.

With our snuffer you'll keep all melted wax in your candle's vessel and enjoy the satisfying experience of properly extinguishing your candles.

Each Empty Whole Candle Snuffer is made of premium stainless steel and thoughtfully crafted with a sleek black finish and Empty Whole signature.

The perfect addition to your decor and the perfect gift for your candle loving friends.

Each order ships in an Empty Whole keepsake box.

For an even better experience, pair your snuffer with our luxury scented candles and signature candle wick trimmer to trim your candle wicks before each use.

Limited quantities remain. Order yours today.

For Candle Care and Burning Instructions, please refer to our Candle Burning And Safety Guidelines.

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